Shelter Dogs Enjoy a “Puppa Joe” at Starbucks

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
What a great way to showcase adoptable animals. These sweet shelter dogs are sure to make you smile as they enjoy their “Puppuccinos!”

“Hey, wanna go grab a coffee?”

“Woof!” (Translated, “You bet I do!”)We imagine that’s the conversation Kitsap Humane Society volunteer Molly Clark has on a weekly basis with the dogs who are waiting at the shelter for their furever homes.

You see, every Tuesday, Molly brings one of the adoptable shelter dogs to a local Starbucks and treats him or her to a delicious “Puppuccino,” (a small cup filled with whipped cream, and ordered from the chain’s ‘secret menu’).

Calling the dogs “Puppucino Pals,” the shelter uses the adorable pictures of each pup to advertise and promote finding permanent homes. To boost exposure, Starbucks also posts the pictures to its customers, increasing awareness of available dogs and well…just showing off the ridiculous cuteness that is a dog happily lapping up their specialty.

The reality of a shelter dog is not always a pretty one. The Puppucino Pals program allows the opportunity for a featured dog to not only enjoy a special doggy treat, but to get a fun break from shelter life. To experience life outside, and to allow potential pet owners to see the joy in a dog’s face when she gets such a luxury.

While not every dog may be as well-suited for an individual outing to get their treat, Molly will often take another dog on an outing, but be sure to bring back a Puppuccino so that each dog may be able to be featured, including on the shelter’s Instagram account.

The Puppuccino Pals program was officially established earlier this year, but Molly has been taking the dogs out for Puppucinos for a long time, according to the shelter’s events and outreach assistant coordinator Kimberly Cizek Allen. Of the dogs’ appreciation for the program, Allen says,”The dogs LOVE the shelter breaks, and they adore the Puppuccinos. You can see it in their little eyes…”

Coffee being the staple that it is for the morning routine of so many, there couldn’t be a better way to show the availability of these special dogs, and give them a taste of the good life they so richly deserve. Taking the dogs out for a Puppuccino is a regular reminder to many that amazing and adorable dogs are out there waiting for the perfect families…and in the meantime, taking a coffee break while they wait!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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