Real-Life Shelter Show Rooms Help Dogs Get Adopted

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Life for shelter dogs can sometimes be just as stressful as life on the streets. One Humane Society in Ohio is working to change those stress levels, and help dogs find fur-ever homes for real.

If you’ve ever been to an animal shelter, and walked the rows and rows of fence-chained kennels, you probably have seen it–the look of panic, fear and stress in a dog’s eyes.

They aren’t exactly sure why they are there, and wondering how, if ever they’ll ever get to the fur-ever home that was meant just for them.

Often, their personality and behavior will be very different from what they’d be like if they were not locked in kennels, and The Toledo Humane Society in Toledo, Ohio sees that over and over as they share dogs in its Real Life Room.

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The Real Life Room (RLR) is purposed to simulate a living room in a typical house. It has been decorated with a leather recliner (dogs allowed, of course!), a soft rug and even a television and box of dog toys–just like you might see in the average home of any pet owner.

The purpose of the Real Life Room is to allow dogs the opportunity to just relax in a ‘normal’ environment for even just a little bit, and in doing so, allow their true personality to shine through. So often, shelter dogs have to be housed in close quarters and can frantically attempt to grab attention, but the Real Life Room allows potential pet owners to actually picture what life could be like at home with a furry family member.

The Real Life Room is especially beneficial to special needs dogs, who are often difficult to find placement for. Full of love and life, they are not always able to share their unique qualities in the traditional shelter kennels.

The organization claims that the Real Life Room has already been a success for these dogs, and other dogs who may not be able to as easily handle the noise and energy the kennels have, and they are glad that they have the opportunity to share their amazing animals in a ‘real-life’ setting.

At the same time, the dogs are able to get a taste of what ‘home’ feels like, while they are waiting for their true furever homes, and the room can give the sweet dogs a sense of peace and tranquility in an otherwise often stressful setting.

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We love this concept and would love to see it spread! Consider taking the idea to your local humane societies, and consider donations to allow this type of opportunity to branch out! It’s a win-win for all, and lets dogs really show how home is where the heart is!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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