Spotify Helps Shelter Dogs Find Furever Home Based on Taste in Music

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My dogs are not that interested in music–unless I’m singing along to it, which tends to terrify them (I wonder why?). On the other hand, our taste in tunes might not just be compatible, because, according to Scottish researchers, that’s a thing. A study conducted at the University of Glasgow revealed something fascinating: dogs have different reactions to different genres of music, and they mostly prefer soft rock and reggae. Inspired by this new information about our canine friends, a dog shelter in Germany, called Tierschutzverein München, teamed up with Spotify to launch a fantastic pet adoption campaign- by pairing people with dogs who share their taste in music.

Appropriately (and adorably!) named Adoptify, the campaign features cute pups rocking it to their favorite tunes. Ray, the French bulldog, loves electronic music, Moshi finds opera and classical music soothing, Gloria is down with hip-hop, while Milow’s jam is rock and roll. How freaking cute is that?

Even though there are only a few videos of musical pooches available, each dog available for adoption listed at Tierschutzverein München rescue’s website has its musical preferences noted. Potential adopters can find out if the mutt who stole their heart will love their vinyl collection!

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about shelter dogs and importance of pet adoption. Spotify will make recommendations to their users by displaying dogs who like the same music in personalized video banners, in hopes they make some great matches for rescue pooches. So, in addition to melting our hearts with cuteness, Adoptify campaign has the potential to change lives of many canines that are looking for a furever home!

What about your pets? What’s their favorite music genre, if any?