Spotify’s New Pet Playlists Stream Tail-Wagging Music

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Spotify has released a new study that suggests pet parents think there is a connection between their pets and music. And, to celebrate that connection, Spotify has released a new Pet Playlist created just for you and your pet.

They say music soothes the savage beast, and Spotify released a study that shows a majority of pet-owners believe music is important to their pets’ quality of life too.

Their online survey found that 73% of U.S. pet owners play music for their pets. Additionally, 8 in 10 pet parents believe that their pets like music. Most surveyed believe that music can help their pets be happier and relieve stress as well as to keep them company when they’re gone.

Even better, about half of U.S. pet owners say that not only do their pets like to listen to music, but they also prefer specific genres of music. They’re not entirely wrong as other research suggests that pets prefer reggae music if given a choice. Pet parents surveyed in this study believed that soft rock and classic rock were the top picks for pets, and 64% of pet parents think that their pets like the same type of music they do.

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And because the survey found that 70% of pet parents thought about the emotional wellbeing of their pets on a daily basis, including what keeps them happy while their humans are gone, Spotify has released Pet Playlists. Pet Playlists offer Spotify users algorithmically curated playlists that are based on their tastes and their pet’s character traits.

Each Pet Playlist has about 30 different tracks that are based on the user’s preferences and believed to be more appropriate for each pet’s character. For instance, a shy little kitty might get a playlist that is calm and relaxed, while an energetic doggo might get some more upbeat tunes to spend the day with.

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To create these individualized playlists, Spotify collaborated with America’s National Symphony Orchestra cellist and musicologist David Teie. Teie is a leader in species-specific music and has composed two albums of Music for Cats. For Pet Playlists, Teie advised on the general dislikes and likes of cats and dogs. For instance, dogs don’t tend to prefer music in lower registers as they can take the notes as threatening.

Setting up a Pet Playlist is super easy. Just go to their site and choose your pet. You can choose from a cat, dog, iguana, hamster or bird. You’ll then answer a few questions about your pet—things like whether they’re shy or curious and such. You will add your pet’s photo and name so the playlist features both and you will also get a personalized share card.

Once you’ve listened and shared, you can get to your pet’s personalized playlist right away and then you can also upload the share card for others.

Happy Listening!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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