Show Your Pittie Pride During Project Blue Collar’s #Pittie2020 Phot

Lydia McNutt
by Lydia McNutt
Support The Underdog! On a mission to educate the world about the awesomeness of rescue dogs, Project Blue Collar wants you to “look” at Pitbulls in a new way.

Rescue dogs are certainly a special breed, and many have a story to tell. While our furry friends can’t actually tell it themselves, these are tales worth knowing. Project Blue Collar is a movement that’s all about giving props to these pooches through an online community to share stories, promote adopting over shopping for pets, and give back to animal rescues and their endless life-saving work.

Creating awareness

Many of us wear awareness bracelets to raise consciousness and show support for causes close to our hearts – disease research, eco initiatives, and charities. The folks behind the aptly named Project Blue Collar started this movement to help identify rescue dogs by dressing them in – you guessed it – a blue collar.

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Project Blue Collar – Support The Underdog

That snazzy blue collar around your dog’s neck is bound to get some attention and according to the plan, a few questions too. So, here’s your chance to tell the story of your rescue dog, and encourage others to adopt a pet.According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 7.6 million pets enter animal shelters every year. Of those, 2.7 million healthy animals are euthanized, and 2.7 million are adopted. If your family is ready to welcome a furry friend into the fold, why would you shop for one when you can adopt? Tip the scale in favor of adoption, save a life, and make yours better while you’re at it, all by opening your door to a rescue dog.

Shelter dog delusions

Can you identify a rescue dog when you see one? Neither can most people. Then why do many assume that shelter dogs are “damaged goods”? According to the American Humane Association, only 10 percent of relinquished dogs are given up owing to behavior problems. Most commonly, dogs end up in the shelter system because the owners’ place of residence doesn’t allow them (29%), not enough time to devote to their care (10%), and divorce or death (10%). The proof is in the dog food, so why do these mostly good guys get a bum rap?

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Pitbulls are among the most misunderstood breeds out there. Project Blue Collar has teamed up with Fetch Eyewear and Jolly Pets on a new initiative to improve the impression people have of these energetic, fun and fiercely loyal pets. Aptly dubbed Pittie2020, this new social media campaign collects and features pictures of Pitbulls wearing glasses tagged with in a bid to change the public’s view (ahhh, now the “2020” part makes sense)! Until the year 2020 (that’s 5 years’ worth of entries), you can enter the monthly draw to win a $125 gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear and a $25 gift certificate from Project Blue Collar. The winner will also snag, for their favorite Pitbull rescue, $150 worth of toys donated by Jolly Pets and 20% of the sales from campaign link, found at

Here’s what you do:

  1. Post a picture of your Pitbull wearing glasses to Instagram (@Pittie2020) or Facebook.
  2. Use the hashtag and tag @Pittie2020 to ensure your post is seen by Project Blue Collar.
  3. Once Project Blue Collar sees your photo, they’ll repost it on the @Pittie2020 Instagram account. That means your picture is eligible to begin acquiring likes.
  4. The picture with the most likes at the end of each month will greatly influence the winner (the PBC staff and co-sponsors reserve the right to make final decision).
  5. Oh… and it’s totally free to enter.

If you need more information about the contest or want to learn more about this organization, visit the Project Blue Collar website.

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