Data Shows Dog Parks Growing in Popularity Nationwide

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
With dog ownership on the rise across the nation, it’s no surprise that demand for a safe place for pooches to play is also growing.

According to The Trust for Public Land’s most recent data, off-leash dog parks have increased significantly over the past few years. This year’s numbers are up 4 percent since last year, and compared to 2007, we’ve seen an amazing increase of 89 percent!

Almost every big city has at least one dedicated dog park, often with a funky name to really get dog owners excited about bringing their four-legged best friend to play. Fort Worth dogs have their own off-leash dog area aptly named Fort Woof, while Memphis dogs play at Overton Bark.

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Peter Harnik, who led the study, said, “Americans love dogs, and parks increasingly reflect that fact as people want places for them to get outside and take their dogs with them.”

Brad Weston, the president and chief merchant at San Diego-based pet retailer Petco, said that it’s no surprise that dog parks are growing in popularity, as dog ownership has also been booming!

“As pet parents become more in tune with the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of their pets, we expect to see communities embrace even more pet-friendly amenities in the future,” said Weston.

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The 2016 City Parks Facts report cites that the cities that have the most dog parks for our four-legged friends to run free in are Henderson, Nev., Portland, Ore., Norfolk, Las Vegas, and Madison.

Unlike more rural areas, large cities have a limited amount of green space for residents to be in touch with nature and we can only guess our pooches would also love the great outdoors (except my dog, who wants to be picked up whenever we go for a walk…weirdo). It’s for that reason that we can expect the number of dog parks will continue to rise in upcoming years, as pet owners need more places to socialize their pooch, and what better places than an off-leash area to really color their personality!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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