Stunning Photos Show Simplicity Of Life With The Love Of A Dog

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We often run across gorgeous pet photos and gorgeous location photos, and sometimes when we’re super lucky, we run across a gorgeous combination of the two. That’s what we found in the beautiful photography of Honza Řeháček, parent of a wolfdog named Sitka.

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Řeháček’s photos are impeccably precise in composition and clarity, and he says his life changed in November, 2o14, when he decided he needed to make some changes in his life. He began traveling around his beautiful country, and then met the dog he claims changed his life forever.

Řeháček says that he and Sitka look to discover the beauty of this world and he was inspired to start taking pictures to keep the moments they had together forever. He says he loves to take pictures that have drama and mood, and Sitka is the most photogenic muse ever.

And it’s true. Whether Sitka is looking off at a sunset or sweetly leaning in for a delicious ear rub from his daddy, the expressions of pure contentment and joy in the nature of this world really are captivating. Řeháček has a photography site now, and also keeps the adventures he and Sitka take together documented on his Instagram page.

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Just be warned. You’ll spend a lot of time looking because each picture draws you in with emotion and appreciation for the simple things in life–like a beautiful view with the pup you love.