Calm My Pet Adds Calmer Digestion To Its Line

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by PetGuide Staff
Pet gut health is clearly a priority for many vendors at SuperZoo this year, and Calm My Pet has added to their already popular line with Calm My Digestion.

Veterinarian Dr. Pamela Fisher created the original line of Calm My Pet products using a combination of therapeutic music and fragrance-free emotional essences she custom formulated. The original line of Calm My Pet products is full of my faves–the puppy especially loves the Calm My Dog line.

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Here at SuperZoo, they’re sharing the newest addition–Calm My Digestion. We love that this new formulation is like the other quality products in the line, and is organic, unscented and fast-acting. Let’s be real–when it’s 3 a.m. and you hear that God-forsaken throw-up sound, you want something that works fast.

Calm My Digestion is awesome too because it is a spray–because again, when your pet’s tum-tum isn’t feeling the best, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how to get something to settle it down. With this, you just spray it on your hand and then pet your pup down–that in itself helps your pet feel better bonded and cared for, and the essences in the charged water are absorbed as your pet needs them. That’s the great thing about this–Dr. Fisher created it to be used regularly to help pets maintain a healthy weight, but it’s also just as effective for those times when you know that your pup’s belly just needs a little bit (or a lot!) of support.

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Dr. Fisher founded the Rescue Animal MP3 Project in 2011, and nearly 1300 shelters across the United States have donated music playing in their shelters to calm the poor pets as they look for furever homes. For over 30 years, Dr. Fisher has focused on pets having the best lives they could, her Calm My Pet Line includes Calm My Arthritis and Calm My Senior to address more issues our fur-babies have. She plans to continue to add additional essences as well, and a portion of all proceeds from the Calm My Pet Line goes to keep the Rescue Animal MP3 Project going.

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