Swedish Restaurant Introduces Doggie Menu

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
This Swedish restaurant has gone the extra mile by creating a menu especially designed with the four-legged canine connoisseur in mind.

For those of us who can’t bear the thought of having our dogs staring and drooling as we chow down on a delicious steak, this restaurant has got you (and Rover) covered.

The Swedish restaurant Avenyfamiljen is located in the western city of Gothenburg and is catering their menu to attract a new kind of clientele… “ones who can’t leave their dogs for more than an hour at home,” said restaurant owner Tobias Hamberg.

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Hamberg’s restaurant has welcomed dogs into their restaurant for years, but the only thing available was a water bowls. Now, they provide a special dog menu so you and your canine can dine in style.

Canines can order fresh cod or organic beef, and coming soon, a non-alcoholic “dog beer” (a concoction made of beef stock) to wash it all down with.

A few other eateries have offered up pet treats, hoping to attract customers who cannot think of leaving their furry children at home for more than a few minutes at a time.

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“Food service is a very competitive market – we always need to find a new ways to make competitive offers for our customers. At the moment we just allow dogs. But who knows – in the future we might build restaurants just for animals,” Hamberg said.

The doggy meals will set owners back about 50 kroner, the equivalent of $6 – not a bad price to pay to know your dog is happily eating by your side!

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