The Serial Pooping Burglar: Pooch Breaks In People’s Homes to Crap On Their Pillows

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For the past two years, people living in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand, had been dealing with some scary shit. Literally. You see, the unsuspecting citizens have been coming home to find poop on their pillows. As if having your pillows smeared with poop wasn’t enough traumatizing on its own, there was the fact that nobody knew how it got there. Until now.

Hi, Im so embarrassed and ashamed to say this but Jack has somehow gotten out of the property more than once. We're…

Posted by Rick Didham on Sunday, November 25, 2018


An ashamed pet parent, Rich Didham, came clean in his local Facebook group about his dog’s filthy habit. It seems that Jack, a Shih Tzu and Bichon Cross ( a Shichon, if you please) has been breaking into people’s homes and defecating on their pillows. Jack, who is a puppy mill rescue, has a few behavioral issues, and it seems that pillow-pooping is his favorite pastime activity. Up until recently, his pawrents thought they were the only ones subjected to his dirty deeds, but they realized that he’s been sneaking off of their property to terrorize the neighbors, as well. Although, in the word of his dad, a “rotund” pooch, this naughty Shichon has been getting inside people’s homes through cat doors. Proof below:

An ashamed pet parent, Rich Didham, came clean in his local Facebook group about his dog’s filthy habit.

His owners say they’re looking into how he’s been escaping as there’s no apparent way for him to get out and that they’ll do everything to sabotage his crappy missions. They’re also offering to replace pillows for all of Jack’s victims. That’s if you have poop, pardon, proof, that your property has been “vandalized” by their pet.

To make things even more hilarious, his dad is pleading with the poop bandit’s victims to be nice to him if they catch him in the act. The reason? Being mean will only inspire Jack to get his revenge and leave you a second pile of doo-doo in your bedroom. Rick says that Jack is “extremely intelligent and cunning. If he were a human he would be in jail.” Fortunately for Jack, he’s a cute doggo, so he’s going viral instead!