These 8 Adorable Pet Tattoos Will Tickle You Inked!

Have you ever wanted to immortalise your four-legged best friend in tattoo form? New York-based Tattoo artist Sanghyuk Ko is the current go-to for incredibly detailed teeny-tiny portraits of beloved pets! Here are a few of our faves:

This little Frenchie’s name is “Bitterman,” but he’s all sweetness in this beautiful piece!


Aww! Look at the detail in this curly pup’s tongue out smile.


This dog’s pensive expression is captured perfectly!


Why do dogs get to have all the fun? This little kitty looks just purrfect on their owner.


Someone’s happy to see themselves! Winston, you’re lookin’ good in black and white ink.


Is your heart on your sleeve? How about the furkid in your heart? Too cute!



Now you can take your dog’s “I’m so happy to see you!” face everywhere, what a cute reminder.


Gia looks nothing but adorable in her homage tattoo, so when are you booking your appointment?


Sanghyuk Ko’s work can be seen on his instagram, and can he be booked at Bang Bang tattoo studio.

[Source: Dog-Milk]