Who Do You Think Should Win the Comedy Pet Photography Award?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The first annual Comedy Pet Photography Award finalists have been announced. Here are some of the highlights from the over 2500 entries submitted!

Photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks are co-founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards. They founded the competition because they wanted a light-hearted and upbeat way for wildlife photographers to share funny pictures of creatures in the wild. More, they wanted this happy little project to raise awareness about conservation all over the world, and partnering with Animal Welfare and the Humane Society on two continents, the competition recently added Comic Pet Photography to its plate.

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And the results of the first pet competition are outstanding! Over 2,500 entries were submitted and judged by the photographers, who narrowed the pics down to just their favorites. The entries were hilarious, and we do not envy the tough job they had in selecting finalists.

But select they did, and here are some of our favorites as well!

Oh Yeah? Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you like glue! So there! (Photo credit: Aleksei Syrkin/Barcroft Images)

Get along there, little doggy…get along! These two ride off into the silhouette sunset! (Photo credit: Alice van Kempen/Barcroft Images)

That’s a lotta fur a flyin’ down an old dirt road! (Photo credit: Erika Hetzel/Barcroft Images)

Because you’re good enough…you’re smart enough…and doggone it, people LIKE YOU! (Photo credit: Ariel Berry/Barcroft Images)

Do.not.let.that. bubble.touch.my.nose!!!! Noooooo!!!! (Photo credit: Connie Fore/Barcroft Images)

You put your left foot in…you take your left foot out…. (This is my personal fave!) (Photo credit: Vincent Guilbaud/Barcroft Images)

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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