This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

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In an ideal world, we’d get to take our pets everywhere with us. Or stay at home with them instead of having to go to work. Either way ‘s good if you ask me! Unfortunately, most -if not all- pet parents have to go and earn that kibble moolah while leaving their four-legged companion to wait patiently at home. And once you see that sad puppy eyes and a betrayed look on your furry bestie’s face… It’s easy to let guilt eat away at you. But what if I told you that there’s a gadget that would make your pet actually glad to see you go to work?

A new startup named Pupple is hoping to make your time away from your dog a guilt-free experience. By using smart technology, this company is giving you a chance to stay in touch with your pooch at all times. To boot, your pet can have fun and enjoy even when you’re not at home, as this nifty gadget can give them treats and play with them. When you think about it, if you weren’t required to operate it via a smartphone, the Pupple could totally replace you in your dog’s eyes. OK, OK, dogs would never do that to their hoomans- can’t say the same for felines, though.  

The Pupple has many cool features, but the two best ones are definitely the Bird and the Treathouse.

The Pupple has many cool features, but the two best ones are definitely the Bird and the Treathouse. The Bird is an app-controlled ball with a smiley face, and the Treathouse is the pillar that tosses out yummies. Both have integrated cameras, of course, so you’ll be able to see your doggo’s excited face while you fling a treat at them or tease them by operating the toy ball. Everything can be operated remotely, as well, and with a few simple clicks and swipes on your smartphone. How pawesome is that? You get to spend your lunch break talking to your pooch and seeing their cute face, while they enjoy a tasty reward and a welcome game of chase.

Currently, the only way to get your paws on this insanely cool gadget is to preorder it through the startup’s website. The preorders are on now and the actual Pupples will be shipping out in 2019. Make sure to hurry, though- I’m sure that pet parents all over will be going barking mad for this nifty device!