This Deaf Pup is What Doggie Determination Looks Like [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A sweet (and smart!) dog who’s hearing impaired is ready to show potential adopters what she’s made of, now that she’s been taught a special form of dog sign language.

When New York Police found four-year-old terrier mix Blue, she was chained to a fence in freezing weather. The lovable and snuggly dog showed herself to be different to officials at the New York ASPCA when she didn’t respond to sounds, particularly when she showed no response to her kennel being opened.

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When the staff realized that Blue was hearing impaired, they gathered specialists to help train her in a way she could understand to get her ready to find her forever home. No one knows why Blue is hearing impaired, but based on the way she was cruelly left, abuse is highly likely and cannot be ruled out.

And yet, Blue shows the perseverance and endurance in dogs that is what makes them love us so. The ASPCA’s Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment (CARE) was designed to help abused pets overcome their tragic starts and get them ready to live the lives they were meant to with families who love them. Trainers from CARE worked to teach Blue basic commands like ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘stay,’ using a sign language that is catered specifically to dogs.

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Blue’s trainers say that she has passed her command training with flying colors and now knows more than 25 commands based on their hand signals alone. The ASPCA says sweet Blue is a big fan of leaning in for belly rubs and walking outside, but mostly she loves being with her favorites. She loves kisses and has the most charming personality, and the shelter says the perfect family for Blue will be experienced adopters with children over 10. They will also educate Blue’s new family in how to work with her special commands.

If you are interested in this girl who is the complete package with brains, beauty and the best bow wows ever, you can contact the ASPCA for more information!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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