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Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
If you thought Black Friday steals were great (they were!) hang on tight because Cyber Monday’s got another round coming. Spoiler: Your pets called us and said buy them all!

Yikes, with all that racing around you just did to organize Thanksgiving dinner, coordinate a Zoom call with friends and family, then clean-up after an evening of NFL action, someone’s starting to feel a little neglected. Hint: it’s your four-legged baby that’s probably already pouting around somewhere. So, why not give your pooch (or cat) the reward they deserve for being at their very best this past week? In fact, why not give them something that they absolutely love and can’t get enough of – time with you. Oh, and that crazy expensive super plush, shaggy donut dog bed that’s about to drop to a rock bottom price this Cyber Monday! Just sayin’, you’re cool and all, but a gift is a gift.

Seriously, it’s time for you to put your feet up, clear some room on your lap and settle in with a coffee and the fur-kid, because from Saturday November 27 through to Monday, November 29, you’re both going shopping! Amazon is back with incredible Cyber Monday deals that are sure to get you out of the dog-house and back into your pooch’s good books. And leave it to Amazon to push out new products at super low prices every hour on the hour. This means jaw-dropping deals on thousands of items including everything from pet essentials to those would-love-to-have-but-just-can’t-afford items that your best buddy really did earn this year. Like maybe that doggy DNA kit that will help you track his long-lost kin, or that dog agility equipment he’s been whining for. More treats, maybe? Amazon has you covered. That pricey pet camera you’ve been eyeing for some time now? Yup, it’s there too.

And just like Prime Day and Black Friday, Amazon will be featuring their Deal of the Day that delivers big savings on a huge range of brand name pet products – for just one day. Even more exciting are those famous Lightning Deals that rotate in new items every five to fifteen minutes. That said, you have to act fast, because these deals move faster than a dog that smells take-out. And when time’s up, they revert back to their original price. So get your fingers at the ready and make sure you don’t miss out on a steal of the year!

Now, if you hate to watch all those savings consumed by delivery charges, don’t. Sign up for Amazon Prime membership by clicking here. Not only do you get fast, free shipping, but loads of other perks including access to Prime Video and Prime Music for ad-free listening to hundreds of Prime Playlists. Who doesn’t love some additional perks thrown in to sweeten the deal, right? And with Prime Fresh or Prime Pantry, you can quickly replenish your frequently used items including food, accessories, poop bags, and those treats he likes but you always run out of. It’s fast, free, and best of all, you can customize delivery so that you’re always home to receive it. If we’re still not whistling your tune, then why not try it for free over the next 30-days. You can’t go wrong with free, right?

with Prime Fresh or Prime Pantry, you can quickly replenish your frequently used items including food, accessories, poop bags, and those treats he likes but you always run out of. It’s fast, free, and best of all, you can customize delivery so that you’re always home to receive it. If we’re still not whistling your tune, then why not try it for free over the next 30-days. You can’t go wrong with free, right?

Remember, a good head scratch only goes so far these days. Plan to reward your little guy’s good behavior with something really fun and totally affordable. Your pet will be happy, your bank account will be happy – what’s not to like there? With Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals, you can choose from a range of inexpensive treats or that one over-the-top indulgence – while still staying on budget. Not sure where to begin? Just sit, stay, and let us show you some of our favorite deals.

Gift Ideas

Everyone likes gifts – special occasions or not, a thoughtful present can show your affection and appreciation, regardless of whether your recipient walks on two legs or on all four. If you are looking to snag some deals while shopping gifts for your canine or feline best friend, you can’t miss with something your pet loves, be it crunchy treats, a tough and durable Kong toy to gnaw at mercilessly, or maybe even a new harness – meaning more walkies around the block. You can also use the Cyber Monday sales to get them something really special that usually isn’t within your budget, such as a fancy ball launcher or an interactive pet camera to keep them company while you work long hours.

Of course, pet-inspired gifts are also in abundance during Cyber Monday sales: if you are scouring the web for a perfect upcoming holiday gift for a pet parent in your life, now’s the time to grab one. Try adding a personal touch with custom pet portraits, engraved pet-themed jewelry, or even a personalized pillow with a picture of their pet on it. Not to mention that there are some great stocking stuffers out there, as well, starting from cat and dog printed socks, mugs with funny pet parenting quotes, travel mugs and tumblers that show off your pooch, and many more.

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio: $118.00, save 30%

Eterish Orthopedic Dog Bed: $33.99, save 32%

Veken Pet Fountain: $21.59, save 20%

Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor: $99.00, save 50%



Nothing keeps your pet out of trouble like a fun toy to play with? Got a teething puppy or a pooch that can’t stop chewing your shoes and furniture? Toss them a tough chewing toy to keep those sparkly canines occupied and far away from your prized possessions. You can also divert instead. And for those gentler souls, there are always adorable plushies and squeak toys for hours of fun!

If you have an athletic dog, you can’t never go with balls, frisbees, ball throwers and launchers – anything that gets your doggo going is a good choice! Not to mention that all that exercise will do your pet (and you) a world of good. And speaking of exercise, don’t forget to challenge your pet mentally, as well. Those “little gray cells” need to be in use, especially for smart cookies and intelligent breeds, so consider interactive toys, dog puzzles, and treat-dispensing toys. Fun galore – without having to go over your budget! your kitty’s claws away from your sofa by offering a catnip-filled, tantalizing toy to rip to shreds.

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake: $21.25, save 47%

KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy: $20.39, save 18%

Pamlulu Dog Chew for Teeth Cleaning: $13.59, save 24%

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post: $23.99, save 40%

goDog Dragon Squeaker Dog Toy: $7.42, save 15%

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Original: $6.00, save 54%


Food and Treats

Whether you’re looking to make a change in your pet’s diet or just want to stock up on their favorite yummies, now’s the time to do it without breaking the bank. No need to worry about splurging on that expensive kibble only for your picky eater to turn up their nose at it – this is the perfect opportunity to risk it without wasting money. Have a pet that has digestive issues or food sensitivities? Consider food and treats that are made from natural ingredients, contain no fillers such as wheat, soy, and corn, and no dangerous artificial ingredients. Exotic protein, limited ingredient diet, freeze-dried, natural pet foods – these are all a great choice for a pet with a troubled tummy.

And when it comes to treats – treat your pet! Go big with tasty morsels your pooch will wag their tail for and your kitty let out a purr: whether it’s chicken-flavored bites, soft chewables, crunchy biscuits, or soft mousse doled out in small bite-sized portions, Amazon has you covered. You’ll be able to find amazing deals on everything from training treats to dental treats, all the way to tough chew treats for aggressive chewers. Just remember the golden rule – the more treats, the merrier*! *As according to cats and dogs.

Save 20% or More Off Hill’s Science Diet select Dry Food

Save up to 26% on Iams Dog & Cat Food

Solid Gold Let’s Stay In Grain-Free Dry Cat Food: $27.90, save 16%


Collars and Leashes

Outside is where all the fun is (if you ask my pets), but that’s also where the trouble usually happens, so don’t forget about taking all the safety measures to ensure your cat or dog are unharmed while enjoying the outdoors. An essential part of every pet owner’s arsenal is a reliable leash, so if you don’t have one yet – or your old one is becoming worse for the wear, why not get one now at a fraction of its price? From elegant and timeless genuine leather that looks even better with age to colorful nylon that will make your pet the center of the attention, there’s plenty to choose from. And that’s not to mention the different leash designs you can opt for: classic flat, short or long, retractable, no-pull, or even hands-free so you can sip your mocha and walk your pooch too.

And as a perfect pair to a leash, you have to get a collar. Even if you prefer a harness for walking your pet, a collar is still a must: it can keep all your contact information and help ID your pet faster in case they get lost. Also, to be honest, pet collars make a perfect accessory – they come in any and every color, print, and design imaginable. Show off your pet’s style with a cute diamond-studded collar or a spiked leather one – or go simple and minimalistic with a nylon flat collar.

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker: $29.99, save 40%

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch: $13.49, save 50%


Pet Accessories

You know that stuff that doesn’t seem like it’s essential, but somehow, when you get it, you can’t figure out how you’ve lived without it? Yup, that’s the case with pet accessories. These handy designs can make everything so much easier, from traveling with your pet to everyday routine. Want to make grooming a breeze instead of a hassle? Check out nifty gadgets such as nail grinders, blow dryers for dogs, professional-quality clippers, or portable paw washing cups. You can even go for an at-home grooming station and save up bg bucks on the visit to the salon – in addition to the grooming tools, you can also get a pet grooming table and a pet washing station.

Need to pack for a road trip with your pet in tow? Don’t forget to get car seat protectors, a booster seat or a car leash for your dog’s safety, a handy pet travel bag, and travel food and water containers – and portable doggie dishware to serve it in. No matter what the task at hand is, you’ll always be prepared with pet accessories at your disposal!

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps: $35.95, save 43%

Greener Walker Poop Bags for Dog Waste: $11.04, save 39%

YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier: $29.73, save 26%


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