Top 10 Snuffle Balls for Dogs

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Similar to a snuffle mat, a snuffle ball is a great toy that can make your pet’s day a little more fun…especially around meal time. These soft toys come in various sizes and shapes, and they feature little pockets that you can hide kibble and treats in, just like you would do with a snuffle mat. Simply fill the toy with your dog’s food and then let him sniff and work his way towards his tasty reward. It’s an easy way to prevent boredom, as well as slow your dog down if he tends to eat too quickly.

There are a lot of snuffle balls to choose from, but they all work the same. Which one is the right one for your pooch? To help you out, we’ve compiled a handy list of 10 of the top snuffle balls for dogs that you can purchase online at affordable prices.

  1. Snuffle IQ Treat Ball

This soft ball allows your dog to sniff out his favorite treats, and it can be a good tool to slow your pet down if he tends to eat too quickly. Choose from two sizes: medium, which is 6.3”, and large, which is 7.5”. This product is bite resistant, and when your dog chews on it, the material can help massage the gums and clean the teeth. Plus, because it’s made of non-toxic polar fleece, it will be gentle on your dog’s nose, as well as your floors and furniture.

  1. Dog Nosework Training Ball

This snuffle ball, which is bouncy and elastic, is made of polyester fiber, cotton, and a wooly upcycled material, making it both soft and environmentally friendly. It’s also shaped like a square with smooth edges, so it has six sides for hiding kibble. Plus, the bell inside this ball attracts your dog, stimulating not only his sense of smell, but also his sense of hearing. And this product is machine washable, measures roughly 6.3”, and comes in two colors: white and blue.

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  1. iKiKin Pet Snuffle Feeding Toy

This adorable turtle-shaped snuffle feeding toy is a great option to make mealtime fun by encouraging your dog to use their natural hunting and foraging skills to seek out hidden food and treats. Made from high-quality washable fabric and stuffed with polyester stuffing, this adorable toy is non-toxic and soft to the touch. This makes it perfect for dogs of any breed, age, or size.

Small pockets are located all over the back of the turtle’s shell, on its legs, tail, and head. This gives you many different hiding places to change up ‘the hunt’ each time. The process of searching for your dog’s food will help to alleviate stress and boredom, provide both mental and physical exercise and you’re your dog’s eating down to allow for proper digestion. When all the hidden goodies have been discovered, it can then be used as an adorable cuddle toy for your dog’s next nap time.

  1. VICARKO Dog Treat Dispensing Toy

Made from durable yet soft materials, this cube-shaped snuffle toy will be able to withstand all your dog’s sniffing and scratching all the while being plush to touch. Measuring 4.5” by 4.5” this toy is the perfect size for most small and medium size breeds – it won’t be too small as to pose a choking danger or too large to carry in their mouth. The vibrant colors of the toy will attract your pet’s interest- or the scent of carefully hidden kibble and treats in the toy’s secret pocket. Stash the yummies and watch your pet go bananas while trying to figure out how to reach them!

This clever little snuffle toy is a great way to promote much-needed nose work and slow down a voracious dog that gobbles up his food way too fast. Available in multi-color classic design or Santa-themed Christmas edition, this cute little toy is bound to give your pupper hours and hours of fun.

  1. Itsun Pineapple Snuffle Ball for Dogs

Bring a little sunshine and island life into your home for your pup before the summer season arrives with this pineapple-shaped snuffle ball from Itsun. It is made with high-quality polar fleece and felt cloth. The interior is filled with cotton and elastic, and it has been tested to ensure that it is wear-resistant, bite-resistant, and protects your dog’s teeth when chewing. 

This snuffle ball, like others, will help you satisfy your pup’s natural curiosity to sniff and snuff out items. It is great for high-energy breeds who need constant stimulation. There are several different openings to hide treats or your pup’s favorite foods including the crown of green leaves at the top of the pineapple, the body of the pineapple, or the bottom. It is suitable for any dog breed that has the foraging instinct and is great for dogs of all different sizes. Plus, it’s super cute!

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  1. UFO Dog Treat Ball

This rather large snuffle ball might be a good choice if you want to add to your dog’s snuffle mat collection to switch things up. Made of microfiber and neoprene fabrics, this toy comes in various colors, including gray, mint, yellow, and pink. Plus, it’s washable, which is super convenient. With multiple layers, you can hide a lot of little treats throughout this UFO shaped toy, so your dog can spend hours having fun.

  1. ARRR Noseworks Snuffle Ball

If you’re in search of a larger snuffle ball, this product might be what you need. The ARRR Noseworks Snuffle Ball measures nearly 8” from top to bottom. It is made of 100% fleece fabric, so this snuffle ball will be light and soft. This snuffle ball helps your dog to focus on their olfactory instincts and can help to reduce your pet’s anxiety. Simply stick a few treats inside the tiny pockets of the ball and let your dog get to work! It is a great option to give your pet some play time if they are inside most days or on days when the weather isn’t great and they can’t get their daily sniffs in during a walk. It is also a good option for hyperactive pets and pets who have separation anxiety.

The cover of the ARRR Noseworks Snuffle Ball can be removed and washed to keep it looking and smelling (pun intended) like new!

  1. ICEGREY Snuffle Toy

Made of soft, smooth polyester, this colorful snuffle toy is shaped like a square, so it’s another good way to add some variety to your dog’s collection of snuffle balls. This product features large pockets that are perfect for hiding plenty of treats for hours of playtime.

  1. Alpha Dog Series Nose Work IQ Treat Ball

Available in two sizes, small and medium, this snuffle ball features hidden slots that make it a snap to hide treats and kibble for your pooch. And, thanks to its firm stitching, it’s built to withstand even the most playful pups. Plus, it’s easy to clean whenever necessary.

  1. Alpha Dog Series Nose Work IQ Treat Dice

To switch things up, you can give your furry friend this snuffle ball in the shape of a cube. Also available in sizes small and medium, you can choose between blue or pink. This new shape can delight your pooch, who will have to work to get to the treats hidden in its many pockets of varying sizes.

Consider Buying More Than One Snuffle Ball

When looking for snuffle balls for your pooch, consider getting a few that you think your pet will like. Because there are snuffle toys that come in different shapes and sizes, purchasing more than one for your dog is a great way to keep things interesting and help prevent boredom every day. Plus, if you have a few different snuffle toys, your companion will always have one that he can play with, even if you need to take one away to wash it because it’s gotten dirty from use. The list above can point you in the right direction towards snuffle toys that will grab your fur baby’s attention and get him excited to “hunt” down his food, so you can start shopping right away.

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