Urban Chestnut Brews Exclusive Beer to Encourage Pet Adoption

As part of Purina’s “Consider a Shelter Pet” initiative, Urban Chestnut encourages pet and beer lovers to adopt pets… and its new Underdog American Lager 8-pack.

Helping shelter pets and enjoying a cold one has never been easier. Thanks to two local businesses, shelter pets across the metropolitan St. Louis area could soon be saying “bye” to the shelter life and “hey” to their new pet parent, who of course, drinks responsibly.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is joining forces with Purina to offset adoption fees at local shelters with help from its exclusive brew, Urban Underdog American Lager. With every specially marked eight-pack of Urban Underdog American Lager, on sale now through October 21, 2017, Purina will donate $3 to the Petfinder Foundation.

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It’s awesome to see a “human” product take interest in the welfare of animals. And by jumping on Purina’s annual “Consider a Shelter Pet” campaign, Urban Chestnut knows how to appreciate the love, happiness, and lifelong companionship that shelter pets long to give.

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The packaging on the new Urban Underdog brew features a special design inspired by Purina’s “Consider a Shelter Pet” with campaign details and a sweet “Undercat” logo on the box to remind potential adopters that felines are also available.

Purina’s goal is to donate up to $50,000 based on beer sales to provide a $50 endowment to pet-lovers looking to adopt a pet now until October 21 at participating shelters. Urban Underdog American Lager is available at grocery stores and beer retailers in St. Louis City, St. Louis and St. Charles counties, and the Metro East area, for anyone looking to get a little tipsy and put adoptable pets into loving fur-ever homes.

Cynthia Haldeman
Cynthia Haldeman

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