Custom Label Wine Mixes Art With Animal Rescue at Mutt Lynch Winery

Highly respected winery in California launches “Wines That Gives Back” with custom made, dog-centric wine labels to help support animal rescue organizations.

Brenda Lynch of Mutt Lynch Winery believes that when all else fails, good intentions will count for something. Brenda’s days are normally routine. She can almost always be found nurturing her 11-year-old twins, supporting animals in need within the animal rescue community, and managing the California Wine business that bears her name. She and co-owner husband Chris combined their mutual passion for wine and “all things dog” into a successful winery brand.

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A new program called “Wines That Give Back” has recently been launched at the popular winery, allowing them to raise additional funds for deserving animal rescue organizations with custom designed labels. The first label in the series features the content face of a floppy eared dog on a vintage and floral background. Mutt Lynch Winery created the label for their companions at Compassion Without Borders – a nonprofit organization committed to giving a better future to needy animals from both sides of the border. Providing these organizations with the opportunity to illustrate their passion and for the public to show their support resulted in a pleasantly overwhelming reaction.

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Moving forward, Mutt Lynch Winery has developed an influx of new labels for clients from Greyhound Friends For Life and Paws For Love. September of 2017 will be an exciting month for the Sonoma Humane Society with the debut of their new label. Creating the custom label is a simple process and fundraising is often straightforward. For every sale of custom label wine, 25 percent is donated to the individual organizations. The winery often decides which wines to pair with which organizations based on inventory and requests.

Cynthia Haldeman
Cynthia Haldeman

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