Which Member Of The Paw Patrol Is Right For Your Family?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Doggos never cease to inspire us. Through art, fiction, or just some daily inspiration from canines in your life, dogs always find a way to charm, endear, and entertain. Nowadays, it’s our kids who are going bananas for fictional pooches, though, thanks to a popular kid’s show. The Paw Patrol is a popular children’s cartoon, following the adventures of a charming group of dogs led by a noble and steadfast German Shepherd named Chase. And since 2013, they’ve rescued their way into the hearts of many eager followers, especially the little ones. But just who exactly is in the Paw Patrol, and what breeds inspired such a band of champions? After all, these imagined cartoon puppers had to have a real-life counterpart and inspiration? Let’s dig deeper into this fun group of furry adventurers, as we discover the real breeds that hide behind the made up characters. 

Paaaaw Patrollll. Go on. Admit it. You know you just sang that as you read it, didn’t you? Well, odds are you sang it because you are familiar with The Paw Patrol, a Canadian CGI-animated television show that debuted in August of 2013. Since then, it rose to great popularity, especially with the younger audiences. It is by far one of the most watched Nickelodeon shows, and children (and children at heart and dog lovers and just about anyone who loves a good rescue story) can’t get enough of the kind-hearted, good-doing group of furry friends who are on the case regularly. They are just that adorable.

And although these are make-believe doggos in a drawn-up fantasy world, they still had to be likened to some real life canines. So, who exactly makes up the Paw Patrol, and what are the breeds behind the characters really like? We’ve got the scoop!

Chase Is On The Case

German Shepherds were always closely connected to loyalty, duty, affection, protection, and police work. It’s just something these dogs are great at. The same goes for the cartoon character. Chase is a loyal German Shepherd and the most leader-like of the Paw Patrol Pack. He’s a police and spy dog who cruises around in a police-like car and lets Ryder, the human boy leader of the Paw Patrol know that they are always ready for action. Much like his real-life breed, he’s an athletic leader who likes to protect and serve, and likes to take charge (or, take the case, as he says in every episode). He takes his patrol job seriously, though as most German Shepherds do, enjoys being playful and puppy-like when just hanging around family and friends. It is a perfect reflection of the true, real-life nature of the German Shepherds – these dogs tend to be loyal, protective, and agile, but have a soft and affectionate side to them as well. 

While Chase takes his missions to heart, he tries to do so very logically and analytically, but the loving and loyal heart he has seems to peek through in each show. His best friend is Marshall, though he often gets frustrated with Marshall’s bumbling but well-intended antics. Chase is often thought to be the ‘face’ of the Paw Patrol.

If you’re thinking about a German Shepherd, here’s what you need to know:

They’re smart, hard-working, loyal and highly-motivated dogs. They are working dogs, and often do best if they have a job. They’ll make their job protecting you–so watch out to all those squirrels running carelessly in your front yard. They require a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation, so you should also consider some stimulating toys and activities to keep them busy. Did we mention their love bugs? Because they are, so get ready to lose personal space. Overall, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world – and for a good reason. They have a perfect balance of character traits, and can be loving, goofy and affectionate, as well as protective, loyal, and serious in contrast. Not to mention their elegant and refined looks! 


Marshall Is Good

There’s hardly ever been a popular cartoon about dogs without a cute Dalmatian in it. Paw Patrol is no exception.  Marshall is an adorable Dalmatian puppy and serves as the team’s fire and medic pup. As a fire pup, he’ll look for and put fires out, and he’ll use his ladder in the proverbial ‘rescuing kitties from the tree’ way in many episodes. He also is a medic who checks rescue victims for injuries and broken bones, and while he’s a bit enthusiastic in the bandaging, he’s skilled in tending to injuries of those he helps.Without Marshall, Paw Patrol simply wouldn’t be complete. 

Of course, he’s hilariously silly and pretty clumsy for a first responder, and even though he ends up in some accidents himself, he’s committed to being a part of the team and howls in excitement as they move from mission to mission. As he says, he’s always, “Fired Up!” even though he often gets himself into situations where he reassures fans he’s ‘good’! With all his antics and rescues, Marshall is without a doubt one of the fan favorites. And, in many ways, he closely resembles a real-life Dalmatian. 

If you’re thinking about a Dalmatian, here’s what you need to know:

The Dalmatian is one of the most recognizable dog breeds around. While they are known for their unique spotted black and white appearance, and they really are the lookers of the canine world, they have to offer more than just stunning appearance, for sure. They’re active, friendly dogs who can get into a bit of mischief if they’re not given constant training and stimulation. They’re incredibly alert and may even turn into the best barkers you’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s quite likely they will. While they’re great with older kids, they sometimes have issues with fear and aggression, so early socialization is a must, and it’s something to consider when thinking about having one in the home with smaller children. Also, some Dalmatians have too much protein in their blood and suffer from uric acid, so your vet may recommend a specialized diet.

(Dora Zett-Shutterstock/Nickelodeon)

Rubble Knows How To Build It Up

Rubble is an English Bulldog who makes everyone laugh. Just as English Bulldogs are dependable and predictable, Rubble is always counted on to help out. Even though he seems a bit gruff and tough at first glance, he’s the typical love-bug English Bulldog. He has a soft spot for little animals, particularly kittens, and as he is the youngest of the Paw Patrol, he’s the most playful pup.Rubble is a spitting image of a real-life English Bulldog – odd and tough looking, chubby and goofy, but in the end, a true affectionate friend after all. 

In the show, Rubble loves to get down and dirty in his bulldozer-type vehicle helping out with building and tearing down to rescue, but he also likes getting dirty because he wants to jump into the bath and splash away! 

Rubble is unique in that he was initially rescued as a stray himself. Chase saved him from the ocean and Rubble decided he’d sneak off with Chase on the next mission he went on. He proved himself valuable and Ryder declared his new home was to be with the Paw Patrol as the Construction Pup.The rest, as they say, is history. 

If you’re thinking about an English Bulldog, here’s what you need to know:

Bulldogs are a loyal, fun-loving and friendly breed, but know that puppies can be independent and stubborn, so consistent training and reinforcement is essential. They’re natural problem solvers, and they love their families – especially the kids. That said, because they can be a bit dominating unless a firm pack order is established, you’ll want to let that sweet wrinkly face know where its place is early on so they feel secure. Don’t overlook early socialization with these pooches, as it can be a crucial aspect of their proper upbringing.  

They’re not great swimmers, so they won’t be your lakeside companions, and they really are sensitive to heat so you’ll want to make sure they’re cool and comfortable. While their stubby, slightly compact physical shape will not make them exceptionally athletic, they'll love a bit of fun every now and then – just make sure they don’t overexert themselves.


Skye By The Seat Of Her Fur

No true Paw Patrol would be complete without a charming lady pooch in their crew. Skye is the first female member of the Paw Patrol and is – no surprise there – a Cockapoo. But she’s no damsel in distress, oh no. She’s a skilled canine pilot, using her helicopter’s grappling hook and piloting skills to save people and get her team members where they need to be to save others. She is smart and graceful, full of cheer and sunshine and always adding a bit of flair to whatever she does. Without her charms and skills, Paw Patrol simply wouldn’t be complete. 

If you are considering a Cockapoo, here’s what you should know:

The Cockapoo was the first designer dog, crossing a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle in the 1960s. The resulting crossbreed is well known for its beautiful and charming appearance, as well as their loveable character. They’re smart and snuggly, but they can also be a bit mischievous if they’re not engaged. The poodle in them makes them great hunters, believe it or not, though more find them to be sweet and loving companion pets. They’re very social and a nice mix of medium-energy levels. 


Rocky Reduces, Recycles, Reuses and Rescues

Hey, who said that all fabulous doggos need to be purebred or designer-developed?! There is nothing wrong with mixed breeds and adorable pooches of unknown provenance. Paw Patrol prides itself on one such pooch: Rocky is a mixed-breed pup. He’s thought to be a Terrier mix and he’s a fantastic tinkerer. He’s a true ‘green’ pup, reducing and recycling and reusing things to fix them and repair issues that bring the town potential harm.

His pup pack always seems to be like MacGyver’s–full of resources and he’s full of ideas to use whatever he can to have less waste in the world. He’s not a fan of the water and prefers his recycling truck in truck form, even though it can turn into a tugboat if it has to save someone. Just don’t try getting him into the bath, because he won’t do it.

If you’re thinking about a mixed-breed, here’s what you’ll want to know:

There’s no real way to know much of anything about a mixed-breed unless you’re sure of the breed mixes, but even then, each dog is unique. Experts believe mixed-breeds tend to be healthier with regard to cancers and other inheritable diseases as those issues are ‘bred out’ and mixed-breeds often offer the best of all the breeds with which they’re mixed.

(Susan Schmitz–Shutterstock/Nickelodeon)

Zuma Tackles The Water

Whereas Rocky hates the water to the point he won’t take a bath, Zuma is the opposite. He loves the water and this sweet Chocolate Labrador pup’s main job is to rescue sea animals. He’s not often featured, but it’s no wonder fans love him–he’s a Lab after all!

He ‘zooms’ around in a hovercraft that turns into a submarine and he loves to surf and laugh with his patrol buddies. Just like labs tend to do, he’s always ready for whatever adventure and rescue is waiting, though he’s not always the most serious when it comes to doing his duty. He’s loyal and loves helping Ryder, though, just like a good Lab does.

If you’re thinking about a Chocolate Lab, here’s what you need to know:

Labrador Retrievers are America’s most popular dog and have been for 28 years in a row. They’re loyal, loving, friendly and obedient and they basically want to enjoy every bit of the life they’re lucky enough to live. They make great family pets, but are better in active homes where they’ll get good energy and opportunities to use their brains, as at the core, they’re sporting breeds. They make excellent hunters and excellent water dogs as well.


Everest Tackles The Peaks

Everest is a Siberian Husky pup who helps clear snow from the roads in emergencies and she’s a pro at using her grappling hook to help rescues happen. She’s the oldest ‘pup’ of the Patrol, and her Husky determination and persistence are what saves people who are struck with snow emergencies. Ryder brought her onto the patrol for her wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment and she has a lot of energy, just like her real-life Husky counterparts. She doesn’t stay with the Paw Patrol full time, but is always ready when her assistance is needed.

If you’re thinking about a Siberian Husky, here’s what you should know:

Huskies are often called ‘Houdinis’ because if they are under-exercised or bored, they’ll wander. And we’re talking a lot! They’re gentle, friendly and affectionate, and they like to have jobs because those brains are always thinking. They shed a lot and need daily grooming (truly, daily) and they were bred for colder climates, so they tend to do better in cooler climates as well with those heavy coats.


Tracker Tames The Jungle

Like Everest, Tracker stays with his ‘boy,’ Carlos as they live in the jungle. The feisty little Chihuahua rides around in a jeep and he uses his great hearing to help rescue those in danger. He’s not a fan of dark places, but because he values saving people, he bravely faces them (even if with hesitation) and he uses his grappling hooks and multi-tools to get people out of tricky situations. He’s bilingual and brings some spunk to the team.

If you’re thinking about a Chihuahua, here’s what you should know:

While they’re adorable and ‘kid-sized’ they’re not necessarily the best with kids. They’re big personalities in little bodies, and while they’re endearing and loyal, they’re also prone to nipping and can be high-strung–not necessarily the pet for the neighborhood kids to gather around. They are very protective too, so while it’s nice to have that enduring loyalty, it can be bothersome if others want to be near and dear. They’re great for those looking for companionship with a smart and spunky friend.

(Csanad Kiss-Shutterstock/Nickelodeon)

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