Wrap-Up of Global Pet Expo Day 2: Pet Product Overload

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
So many things to see, so little time. Today was another full and fabulous day of cool products and new information at Global Pet Expo.

I admit it. I love all.the.things.

No, really, I do.

I especially love cool tech stuff and thought these products by Eyenimal were so cool. An automatic laser pointer toy, cameras for your dog to wear so you can get a glimpse of his life (like canine GoPro!) and GPS tracking that helps keep your pet safe by simply clicking on their collar. The tracking can even detect and record velocity and tell you if your pet is running from you. So cool!

So my little boy loves Hexbugs. I mean, he loooooooooooooves them. I of course had to check out what they were doing here and it’s really crazy brilliant. They took their famous little Nano Hexbugs and turned them into cat toys that will drive your cat wild! I love it!!

I spent some time in the Aquatic Zone and saw the most gorgeous tanks! I stood mesmerized for a good long time (I wasn’t alone!) in front of the jellyfish tank with these amazing lights that illuminate the jellyfish as they float around. Jellyfish Art won Best In Show last year with their nano tank, and it’s because they have the most beautiful tanks!

The tanks were just gorgeous.

The best bath mat I’ve ever owned is the super-soft microfiber one that I currently have in my bathroom. It is like cotton on my feet, and truly so absorbent! Soggy Dog has (brilliantly) taken that concept to the next level! They make door mats, crate pads and that fun slobber grabber wand that was made to fit in the glovebox so you can clean Fido’s drool up–you know the drool he leaves all over the car on trips!

Much like in the human world, there is a huge trend toward products that are cleaner and better for our pets. I mean it makes sense…our pets are our babies and so more and more, we are looking into what we can do for our furry-family members. Canadian company Petcurean introduced their new Gather line, which is certified Organic, non-Gmo and sustainably produced (their bags are even from sugar cane!).

I also was honored to have the opportunity to check out Merrick’s new Backcountry Line. Aside from making food for the best pet ever (yours!), Merrick has partnered with K9 For Warriors and created Hero’s Banquet. Merrick has generously committed $250,000 to research about how service dogs aid veterans with PTSD, and this July, will donate portions of the sales of Hero’s Banquet to the K9 For Warriors program. I got to meet American hero Chris Garcia and his service dog Jake, who was full of kisses. In fact, Jake was so sweet, we may be married in some countries! I couldn’t love the purpose and commitment more of this partnership more!

And so, I end the day with this…full of great product information and stories about amazing companies and pets. I met Brandon McMillan of Lucky Dog and am now reading his book and researching.

What am I researching, you ask? Why, it’s National Puppy Day–I’m researching things I need for the NEW PUPPY I’ll be sharing tomorrow!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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