YaDoggie Promises Pet Wellness With Smart Scoop Technology

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
YaDoggie is a new food and treat company out of Santa Cruz, California, that promises to put pet wellness first and offers cool predictive shipping!

Dog-parent Sol Lipman knows a thing or two about dogs. He’s committed to his, and committed to ensuring that dogs everywhere have the best in food and treats.

Conveniently, he also knows a thing or two about technology–founding companies like Tomfoolery and Rally Up (which were both wildly successful and sold to Yahoo and AOL, respectively). He decided to take his love for his pets and commitment to their wellness into a new venture, YaDoggie.

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YaDoggie will help pet parents take a more holistic path when caring for their dogs, as more and more humans look to do so for themselves. In addition to Lipman, he has quite a board of tech investors who include Tim Armstrong and Jacqueline Reese. Clearly, the tech component is covered.

But they don’t want YaDoggie to be a dog tech company (though I’m LOVING all the tech opportunity!)–instead, they want to focus on dog wellness by using technology to help make it easier.

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YaDoggie offers healthy, grain-free food and treats and their smart scoop makes feeding the exact amount to keep your dog healthy a breeze. Coming in three recipes–buffalo/duck, lamb/sweet potato and limited ingredient turkey/pea, none of the formulas have rice, corn, wheat or soy. Lipman says he understands that it’s sometimes frustrating to know if someone else has fed (or not) fed the dogs, so he created a SmartThings Hub in his house so he knew when dogs were being fed. He says he believes we are just feeding our dogs into death–obesity and health problems–and wants to make that stop.

The Smart Scoop is Bluetooth enabled and available in November. It will connect to smartphones so everyone knows if the dogs have been fed. If someone picks the scoop up, a light will flash telling that person whether or not they have already been fed, as Lipman says it was important they build a scoop that measured food and let people in the house know whether or not they are close to running out of food so they can order more.

This ‘predictive shipping,’ as he calls it, is an alternative to automated shipping from other companies in that YaDoggie’s scoop utilizes algorithms that predict when you’re about to be out of food and then ships so you’re not dry at dinner time. The app will allow dog parents to make adjustments as needed, but it’s designed to help make feeding your pet the right stuff in the right quantities a breeze.

Subscriptions start at $50 a month for a 40-pound dog, and that includes shipping. Depending on dog size, YaDoggie customizes the amount of food needed and even offers a transition package for the switchover to their food. Prices vary on dog size, and healthy treats are also offered and can be included in shipping.

Sounds exactly like what this dog-loving hot mess needs! Off to order!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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