Yes, This $30K Samsung Dream Doghouse Is Necessary [Video]

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
It’s about time! A “techno-pad” designed to meet Rover’s both real and imagined needs is nicer than ours.

Electronics manufacturer Samsung, maker of the first flat screen television, has peered into the future and apparently that future includes a $30,260 (£20,000) two-room luxury dog kennel complete with treadmill and hot-tub for those pooches who have put in a hard day’s night and been working like a dog!

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Recently introduced at Crufts 2015 (the world’s largest dog show), the Dream Doghouse also includes a fully padded bedroom for those with so much energy they’re bouncing off the walls, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S so your best buddy can choose to watch his fave shows or (sit down for this one) to summon you through either the interactive video link or a push-to-woof call bell as well as a paw-operated treat dispenser for self-service (consider the upside: one less reason to summon you).

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Designed by a team of about 12 architects and fabricators, the proto-type took six weeks to complete and speaks to Samsung’s recent survey that says 64 per cent of dog owners think their pets would benefit from more technology and gadgets, such as treadmills and tablets. Seriously?

Apparently almost one in five of the dog owners surveyed said that they would like their pet to have a hot-tub! Translation: more than four in five dog owners said they don’t even want to see the words “hot tub” on their pet’s holiday shopping list. And 22 percent found the idea of a dog operated feeder the most appealing. Okay, I can get on-board with this one.

While this futuristic kennel is just an over-the-top take on potential trends, pets are becoming more high tech, with trackers and other gadgets becoming more common.

Fun facts from the Samsung survey of almost 1,500 pet parents:

  • 25 percent have a social media profile for their dog
  • 50 percent regularly post pet pictures online
  • 40 percent have left the TV on while they are out of the house to keep their dog company
  • 25 percent use the TV to block out scary noises such as fireworks
  • 14 percent actually Skype their dogs when they’re away
  • Over 50 per cent say their animal has influenced where they live and what job they do

Okay, so maybe yes to the hot tub… but gotta give a big nope to the “push-to-woof” call bell!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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