Top 7 Luxe Pet Friendly Hotels Where Posh Pooches Can Get Away From It All

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Luxe Pet Friendly Hotels

It’s a dog’s life! To get away from the stress of the dog park, canines can check in for an ultimate hotel experience

You want to get away from it all. You want a hotel on the beach with a comfy bed, and access to shopping and museums.

Your dog wants a good rub-down, a comfy bed and great food.

More and more, hotels are catering to both your needs, and your dog’s needs.

According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 29 million American dog owners travel with their pet. Hotels both small and large, budget and luxury, are answering that call.

Pet-friendly amenities now include everything from a comfy bed and a dog bowl to room service and a dog walker.

Take a look at some of the swankest, trendiest pet friendly hotels in North America. (Photo credit: Amaviael/