2018 Global Pet Expo Hit Record-Breaking Numbers in Orlando

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo 2018 boasted record-setting numbers and shows the pet product industry is alive and well.

Global Pet Expo 2018 wrapped up recently and hit record-setting numbers in the three-day event in Orlando, Florida. Presented by the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association, Global Pet Expo 2018 took up over 350,000 sq. ft. of exhibitor space and showed off the best of the pet product industry.

The growth of the Expo lays evidence for the boom the pet product industry is experiencing, with the number of exhibitors reaching 1,164, a rise of three percent from 2017 and a two-and-a-half percent increase in booths with 3,523. Over 6,500 buyers attended and over 77 countries from around the world attended to check out the latest and greatest in pet products.

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Andrew Darmohraj is the executive vice president and COO of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and said that they plan to continue to expand offerings and enhance the experience for attendees every year. He announced that the 2019 show floor will be even bigger and better.

This year’s expo offered mini-educational sessions at the New Products Showcase and they were often standing-room only. Additionally, aquatic seminars debuted in the Aquatic Lounge and were a huge hit with aquarium industry members.

And, taking advantage of social media, the engagement was at an all-time high so that the most significant number of social media users could be reached and experience the show. The hashtag was used nearly 10,000 times (yay, us!) and over 1,000 Facebook live videos took place while the Expo ran.

The New Products Showcase featured more than 1,000 entries (and we shared our favorites!) and twice as many people voted for new products than in the previous year. This year’s Cat winner was Petronics, Inc.,’s cool new ‘Mousr’ and the Dog winner was Aquapaw, LLC.’s ‘Aquapaw Pet Bathing System.’ We loved them both!

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This year was also commemorative for the APPA and PIDA, marking 60th and 50th anniversaries, respectively, and PIDA president Steve King said it was incredible to see how far they’d come from a small group in 1968.

The APPA released annual pet industry spending figures–with a record-breaking $69.51 billion in pet spending happening in 2017. This is up from $66.75 billion in 2016 and experts estimate that spending for 2018 will be $72.13 billion. Clearly, people love their pets and are happier and happier to show that in their spending dollars.

Global Pet Expo 2019 will be March 20-22, 2019 in Orlando, and we have to say–we can’t wait!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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