Best Air Bubbler Aquarium Decorations

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Keeping a home aquarium is great, but it does require some thought and effort. Aquarium fish are, after all, living and breathing pets that need to be cared for properly. In addition to providing your fish with a safe space in which to live, you also need to provide for their needs. This includes feeding them a healthy diet, keeping the tank water clean, and making sure there is plenty of oxygen for them to breathe. That’s where an aquarium air bubbler decoration comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore the subject of air bubbler decorations, talking about what they are and what benefits they provide. You’ll also receive our top picks for the best decorations in this category.

Best Air Bubbler Tank Decorations

If you want to add some intrigue to your home aquarium, an air bubbler decoration fits the bill. In addition to giving your tank a unique look, it also increases aeration which can be a benefit for your aquarium inhabitants.

Here are our top picks for the best air bubbler tank decorations:

Turn your aquarium into a sunken treasure ship with this treasure chest ornament. It is a solid one-piece construction that is easy to set up and use, simply plug in your air pump and place it in the tank. It also has a swim-through hole for fish. This decorative air bubbler is safe for freshwater tanks, marine aquariums, and terrariums.

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Add color and illumination to your aquarium with this volcano ornament kit. It comes with the volcano ornament as well as an LED bubbler light. Choose from six different color options or a combination of all to light up your tank. It will suit most aquariums and tanks – but it can also be used in pools or ponds.

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Give your tank a touch of whimsy with this sunken car wreck ornament. It is made from non-toxic resin safe for aquarium fish and the hood of the car moves up and down, powered by the bubbler. It also has windows for fish to hide in. As it is made from durable resin, this air bubbler isn’t just safe for children and pets, but it also won’t fade with time.

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This decorative reef is more than just decoration for your aquarium.  As a bubbler it will improve the living conditions for your fish, plant life and other creatures living in your tank. The bacteria in tank uses up some of the oxygen in the water so the bubbler inserts that important oxygen back in to your tank. The product is made of a non-toxic safe resin that creates a bright and colourful underwater scene for your aquarium. The bubbles comes from your air tank pump (sold separately) so make sure that your tank will fit inside the bubble stone (13 x 15.5 cm). If you have trouble seeing the bubbles when you first install it, just trouble check your hose connects and that they are clear.  The bubbles that come from the blue bubbler will give you fish hours of fun playing with bubbles.  It is a joy for everyone to watch.

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Fashioned after the character Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy with great attention to detail, this aquarium bubbler makes an amusing addition to any tank. It measures 2.7 inches wide by 4.7 inches tall, so it is perfect for small to medium-sized aquariums. It is made from resin, so it is durable and stable – it can stand steadily in the tank. Easy to clean, this is a real low-maintenance decorative and functional addition to the aquarium. 

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For a more natural-looking bubbler, try this clam ornament. Hook it up to your air pump and the bubbles will make the mouth of the clam open and shut. It is made from resin materials, so it is completely safe for your aquarium fish.

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If you’re looking for something a little spooky to add to your aquarium, try this pirate skeleton ornament. The skeleton is holding a jug which rises and falls, powered by the bubbler. All you need is a pump and some airline tubing.

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Though this air bubbler decoration doesn’t move, it does add a unique element of surprise to your tank. Hook it up to your air pump and the bubbles will rise from the diver’s mask in a lovely cascade.

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If you want to add an air bubbler to your tank, but you don’t want to disrupt your natural décor scheme, a bubble wand could be the ideal solution. This model features a flexible shape that you can customize to your tank and it is equipped with blue LED lights. The blue light is perfect for nighttime illumination or as a decorative accent.

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A small option in aquarium bubble lights, this LED light is equipped with six color-changing LEDs with a built-in air stone. Simply connect it to your air pump and place it where you want it in the tank – it goes well behind plants or buried amidst stonework. It is IP68 waterproof rated and designed to be sealed, so it can be fully submerged in the water without fear of it seeping inside and messing up the light.

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Like all animals, aquarium fish require oxygen in order to live. Unlike land animals, aquarium fish breathe through their gills, filtering oxygen out of the water in which they live. Installing a filtration system in your tank is the best way to keep the water clean and to help oxygenate it, but some tanks could use a little help. That’s what an air bubbler is for.

Here’s what you need to know about aquarium air bubbler decorations:

  • An aquarium air bubbler can be used to aerate the tank water, helping to increase oxygen levels and prevent waste buildup.
  • You shouldn’t use an aquarium air bubbler as your primary source of filtration because it only adds air to the tank – it won’t remove solid or chemical wastes.
  • Aquarium air bubbler decorations can add intrigue to your tank – choose from natural-looking options or whimsical ones according to your preference.
  • An aquarium air bubbler needs to be hooked up to an air pump in order for it to work – choose an air pump appropriate for the size of your tank and the decoration itself.
  • Think about where you place your air bubbler decoration – it is usually best to place it along the side or back of the tank, so you don’t interrupt the free-swimming space in the middle.
  • Check your air pump and your bubbler often to make sure they are working properly.

Your aquarium is your own and you get to decide how to decorate it! You can go with a natural décor scheme or try something a little more whimsical. Whatever you decide, consider adding one of the air bubbler decorations reviewed above.

An air bubbler is attached to the aquarium pump, so  before you settle on a design, double-check if it will suit the type of aquarium pump you have installed. Once you get that detail out of the way, you can focus on the design itself, both the decorative and functional features (e.g. LED lights). And there are tons of designs to choose from, starting with fun and goofy all the way to the elegant and vintage-looking air bubblers.

Not in the slightest – in fact, it is the exact opposite. Air bubblers oxygenate the water in the tank, which is more than beneficial for your fish. Despite this, air bubblers can’t replace an aquarium pump or filter, and can only be used for decoration or to boost the oxygen content in the aquarium tank.

Air bubblers are connected to the aquarium pump, and release oxygen bubbles in the water. They are not just pretty to look at – the bubbles these decorations release enrich the water with oxygen and help fauna and flora in the tank thrive. There are different designs out there, but all are based on the same principle of attaching the air bubbler to the pump with flexible tubing.

You could place an air bubbler virtually anywhere in the tank. They are meant to be decorative (extra oxygen is just the bonus) so there really are no limitations on their location! However, it’s worth noting that if you put one directly under the aquarium filter, it might become nosiign when sucking in the air bubbles. 

Many people use the terms air bubbler and airstone interchangeably, but the truth is that there is a slight difference between the two. They both work the same way (connected to the air pump and releasing bubbles to the water) but an airstone is less decorative as it usually looks like a piece of, well, stone, whereas air bubblers can come in all kinds of shapes and designs. It all depends what way you look at it – from a functionality point, bubblers and air stones are the same thing, but from a design and aesthetics point, they are different.