Readers’ Picks: Top Seachem Products for Aquariums

Seachem is the most trusted name in the aquarium hobby game, according to PetGuide readers who are also fishkeepers.

Many of the most popular pet-related items our readers were buying on Amazon last year were Seachem products. A trusted brand, we wanted to bring you a list of some of the most popular Seachem products required to get your tank up-and-running. Which of these products are you already using, and how do they rate against the competition? Let us know in the comments.

Seachem Prime

A concentrated water condition that removes chlorine, chloramine and detoxifies ammonia, nitrite and nitrate so the tank’s biofilter can more efficiently remove them. To be used in a new tank environment or any time new water is being added.

Seachem Prime 500 millimeters, $8.73, Amazon

Seachem Equilibrium

Equilibrium helps established the desired mineral content for planted aquariums. Best for use with reverse osmosis, deionized or mineral-deficient water, Equilibrium balance out the carbonate hardness of water by raising the mineral and electrolyte content (general hardness) of the tank.

Seachem Equilibrium 600 grams, $11.42, Amazon

Seachem Flourish

Flourish is a nutrient-rich plant supplement, filled with micro and trace elements and safe for invertebrates. Macro element fertilizers should be used separately as needed.

Seachem Flourish 500 millimeters, $9.85, Amazon

Seachem Flourish Tabs

A gravel bed supplement to stimulate the healthy growth of plant roots, each tablet contains trace elements and is phosphate- and nitrate-free so it won’t promote algae blooms. All the nutrients of Flourish in a dry form, simply bury the tablets into the gravel for direct, time-released fertilization, adding new tabs every three to four months.

Seachem Flourish Tabs 10 count, $6.53, Amazon

Seachem Flourish Excel

A source of bioavailable organic carbon for plant life. Flourish Excel can be used alone as an alternative to a CO2 injection, or in conjunction with one.

Seachem Flourish Excel 500 millimeters, $9.10, Amazon

Seachem Purigen

To be used in place of a charcoal filter along with other media, Purigen is to be used in a fine mesh bag. A synthetic absorbent, the macroporous beads turn from white to brown then black as it exhausts. Purigen can be regenerated with bleach and water for re-use.

Seachem Purigen ultimate filtration 100 milliliters, $14.95 $8.70, Amazon

Seachem The Bag

This filter bag is made of a superfine 180-micron mesh, bleach-resistant polyethylene fabric. It has welded non-stitch seams and plastic zip tie closure.

Seachem The Bag welded filter five- by 10-inch size, $6.74, Amazon

Stabilizes tanks to prevent “new tank syndrome,” the leading cause of death among domestic fish. Harmless to aquatic organisms and plant life, Stability uses bacteria to break down ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and organic waste.

Seachem Stability 500 milliliters, $9.83, Amazon

Nichole Jankowski
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