Why You Need The API Master Test Kit

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Any experienced fish keeper will advise a test kit before you add water to a tank. The reason is simple: you cannot possibly know what is happening in your tank just by looking, and every tank goes through the nitrogen cycle.  But, in my honest opinion, not all test kits are created equal. In fact, one supersedes the rest by leaps and bounds – it’s the API Master Test Kit.

The API Master Test Kit is by far the most accurate of any liquid test I have ever experimented with. It tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH, and includes an additional test for those who have a high pH. These are all essential elements to be aware of in an aquarium, whether it is brand new, or well established.

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Being able to test these levels the second a problem arises will save you loads of grief in the long run. Whatever you do, don’t rely on your local big box pet store to test for you. Not only does it take more time, energy and money, it’s likely that they use inaccurate litmus test strips.

Now, let’s get back to the API Master Test Kit. The kit is a small investment in the health of your tank, with a cost around $25 depending on where you purchase it. Included in the kit are liquid tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and high pH, four glass test tubes, and a convenient case to store everything. While the initial cost may seem a bit high, rest assured the solution will last you forever, and they can be replaced individually when you run out.

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Performing the actual tests may sound intimidating, but in reality, they are exceptionally easy. First, you collect some water from your tank in the test tube, which has a clear fill-to line. Place the test tube into the grooves on the kit carrier and choose the test you need to perform. Each bottle is clearly labeled with easy to follow directions on how many drops to add to the test tubes.

Prior to performing the test, you should shake the test bottles thoroughly. Some of the tests are a two-part process (such as the ammonia). After adding the test liquid, cap the test tube and gently shake it for about 10 seconds before replacing it into the carrier. When the water changes color, the test is done. The kit also comes with cards that let you know what the colors mean.

The API Master Test Kit is by far the easiest and most accurate test on the market for home use. It’s inexpensive and lasts forever. It also gives you that “mad scientist” feel without any danger of explosion! (*Insert evil laugh here)

Summer Davis is the mom of three kids, four dogs, and several tanks of fish. She boasts a passion for all animals, whether they are in the water or on land. This fish aficionado has kept many different species in her time, but holds a special place in her heart for wild and domestic bettas. When she’s not talking about fish, Summer “spins” her extra time as the director of a baton twirling organization.