Katy Perry’s Assistant Saves Dog’s Life With CPR

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Katy Perry has shared some terrifying news with her fans, claiming her assistant Tamra to be a hero for saving her dog Nugget’s life by using CPR on Nugget.

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In a series of Perry’s Instagram stories, Tamra told fans how Nugget jumped and fell off of her bed and was unresponsive. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew she had to do something, so she pushed on Nugget’s chest and blew air into her mouth. This seemed to literally breathe new life into Nugget, and she was brought back to consciousness.Katy Perry's assistant saved her dog by doing doggy CPR.

In the Insta stories, Tamra showed how she did doggy CPR for Nugget, and hugged her close, saying how grateful she was for her being alive. Perry said that Nugget was unconscious for three minutes.

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Perry is in Europe as part of her WITNESS world tour, and that’s where the life-saving maneuver’s helped bring Perry’s furbaby back.

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