Skechers BOBS and The Petco Foundation Partner To Save Shelter Animals

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Skechers is partnering with Petco Foundation to help animals using their BOBS From Skechers Collection, and you’re going to love the BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats options in Petco stores and online!

Petco and will be featuring some new dogs (and cats) in their retail line, and they’re part of a partnership with The Petco Foundation and BOBS from Skechers. This April, you’ll be able to find their new BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats shoes in select Petco retail stores and online, and proceeds will fund and facilitate services and adoptions for dogs in need.

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Michael Greenberg is the president of Skechers and said that Skechers has already donated more than $3 million to support and save shelter pets, but that wasn’t all they wanted to do. They looked for a partner that also had ambitious animal welfare goals and Greenberg says that The Petco Foundation was the perfect partner. He said that Petco’s strength as an industry leader allows them the platform to donate and help animals in ways that they’ve not been able to yet, and the Petco Foundation’s commitment to nurturing lifelong bonds and supporting animals is a perfect fit with their objectives.

The multi-year partnership means that the BOBS charity line from Skechers will now feature fabulous footwear with portions of the proceeds going to the Petco Foundation. The Petco Foundation is an established leader in funding and facilitating adoption and medical care programs, as well as working with pet cancer research and other animal welfare initiatives. The sales of the BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats shoes will lengthen the reach the Petco Foundation can have on making a significant difference in the lives of shelter and stray animals.

In addition to the shoes, customers will be able to buy coordinating accessories from the BOBS from Skechers line, and proceed portions will also benefit the Petco Foundation.

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Susanne Kogut is the president of the Petco Foundation and says that partnering with Skechers is exciting as so many pet owners love to celebrate their special relationships with their pets with clothing and other accessories. The BOBS charity movement is a great way to expand options for pet parents and to improve animals’ lives with the BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats lines. In the last three years alone, Skechers has helped over half a million shelter pets, and Kogut says that energy and focus makes them a great partner for the Petco Foundation.

The BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats collections have variety in design–ranging from shelter pets to famous pets like Garfield and Grumpy Cat. Each sale of the BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats will mean $.25 to the Petco Foundation, which will directly help animals all over the United States.

The shoes will be available this April!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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