Survey Finds Dogs Influence Home Buying More Than Children

A recent survey from SunTrust reports that millennials are more influenced by their dogs than their children when it comes to buying a house.

Yes, when it comes to reasons for buying a new home, dogs are close to the top of the list. Even above other factors such as marriage or children. A massive 33% of 18-26 year olds state that a dog is their biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing a property. The reasons given are generally that people want some outdoor space so they can get a dog, or they want a larger garden for a dog they already have.

In the survey, dogs ranked higher than getting married, which was the main factor for 25% of people. The birth of a child came in third at 19%. The only higher factors were a desire for more space and investments reasons.

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It may seem odd at first, although we adore our dogs, it seems a little excessive that they are becoming the driving force in our house buying habits. But when you look more closely it makes more sense. First time buyers are generally moving from rented accommodation.

From rentals to home ownership – it’s better for our pets

In rented housing you may not be allowed pets, or if you are, there will be strict rules. Of course you also have to be extra careful that your dog doesn’t ruin anything or you’re likely to have to foot the bill. In a property you own yourself you can be a little more carefree. You have more free rein to adapt your property for the needs of your dog. Perhaps renewing the fence in the back yard so Rover can’t jump over it and escape. Or maybe you feel your home isn’t safe for you pets, if you live on a busy road or you have a high balcony.

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It would be interesting to find out if this extends to other pets. I’m sure people will avoid a location with lots of traffic if they have cats that go out. Perhaps someone who adores rabbits would make sure they had a patch of grass for them in their new home. There are many things we may want in a new home. Perhaps you’d love a big kitchen or an en-suite bathroom, but we also need our new home to be perfect for our pets.

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