Teaser For The Queen’s Corgi Tickles Our Funny Paws

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Lionsgate has just released a trailer for a new movie that stars The Queen of England and Rex, a mischievous and adorable Corgi who is gifted to Her Majesty. The animated adventure is called The Queen’s Corgi, and is a fictitious tale about a very spoiled Corgi who lives the life in Buckingham Palace.

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Tragedy befalls little Rex, however, as he goes from being the Queen’s pampered pooch to a resident of London Dog’s HOme. There, he learns it’s actually quite a ‘ruff’ life for many dogs, and that in order to really be a top dog, he has to earn and appreciate it. (Also, not peeing on the Queen’s butler is highly recommended for a royal doggo!)

The movie ‘stars’ The Queen herself, as well as her beloved, Prince Phillip, and was written by Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith. Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen and directed it, and you may remember Stassen also directed the popular animated movie The Son of Bigfoot.

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Not much with regard to who has been cast to voice the spunky little Corgi, but the trailer is so darling that we can’t imagine it would matter.

It’s set to release in theaters in the United Kingdom in early 2019, but as of yet, no official U.S. date has been released.

Maybe they’re still mad about that Tea Party America ruined?