10 Dapper Dogs Celebrating Weddings

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
What better way to commemorate the union of a couple than to invite the four-legged friend they both love? None, we say! And the dogs seem to agree!

1. Picture-Perfect
I’m a cutie and this new guy agrees – I like him, welcome to the pack bud!

(Photo credit: StyleMePretty)

2. Handsome Devil
I’m trying very hard not to steal the bride’s spotlight!

(Photo credit: ElizabethAndJane)

3. Green with Envy
You may now lick the bride!

(Photo credit: TanyaPlonka)

4. Howling Good Time
I hear wedding bells and feel like howling–cover your ears, newly weds!

(Photo credit: sasadeus/BigStock)

5. Body Guards
We’ll protect you two till death do us part!

(Photo credit: JoMoorePhotographer)

6. Gentleman
Don’t mind me here, just one of the boys suiting up!

(Photo credit: SeanDorgan)

7. Spotlight Ready
The Golden Boys are ready for our closeups–bring it on!

(Photo credit: Paul Retherford/Flickr)

8. Dapper AF
Treats, head rubs, and touts of “ good boy” all day long? This is the best day ever.

(Photo credit: KellyGinnPhotography)

9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
It’s a winter wedding wonderland.

(Photo credit: ElizabethAnneDesigns)

10. Pucker up, Prince!
All I need is a pooch to smooch and call my own!

(Photo credit: doxieone/Flickr)
Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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