Adorable Hiking Buddies Share All The Feels When Exploring

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An unlikely pair of hiking buddies is stealing hearts everywhere as their parents show pictures of all their adventures.

When Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend decided to adopt a dog in 2014, they initially planned to adopt a golden-retriever mix.

That changed quickly, though, when they saw Henry, a 14-week-old mix who was five times the size of other puppies his age. When they first met, Henry went right into her lap, curled up as if it was home, and Cynthia knew that he was.

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As our mountains continue to get more snow, I can't help but dream of fields full of wild flowers 🌼🌷

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Three or so days later, they introduced Henry to their passion–hiking. Cynthia said that Henry took to it like a fish to water, and he found the tallest rock he could immediately to look over the ledge. They started calling him their little mountain goat because he loved the summits, and he was their newest hiking partner.

Yesterday we hiked up Mount Sanitas with the sun + enjoyed 50 degree weather while it's been dumping snow at our ski resorts ❄️🙌🏼☀️ Colorado we love you.

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Recently they decided to add to their family, and looked for a rescue kitten. They searched shelters and found a sweet little Siamese they named Baloo. Baloo and Henry were smitten with each other, with Baloo instantly attaching to Henry for snuggles and play all the time.

We know that it's after Halloween, but we still wanted to dress up as Dinos for a day 🐊

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that monday feeling

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So it only made sense that Baloo join the family hiking fun. The pictures of their adventures are the best, showing not only their love for hiking, but their genuine love for each other. Cynthia says that sometimes people wonder how they got Baloo to get used to the trips together, but she says that all she has to do is touch Henry’s leash and Baloo will start wailing at the door to go with.

Pony rides: the Henry + Baloo version 🐴

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And just a glance at these pictures shows that the hiking buddies are in it to win it, with paws on the ground and love in their hearts!

Henry and Baloo are both rescues. Baloo was born in Evergreen and Henry in the streets of New Mexico. Adopting is something that has become very important to us. So, we wanted to help raise awareness about adopting senior and adult dogs. • • November is Adopt a Senior Month, so @stellaandchewys decided to give back! Use and tag @stellaandchewys in a post and @stellaandchewys will donate $1 worth of their food to shelters and rescues focused on senior pets through their partner @greymuzzleorg ! All you guys have to do is post to help feed some pups in need!

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