Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Need more snuggles and less struggles? Cozy up to one of the top 10 cuddliest dog breeds, and watch all your problems just melt away.

Let’s be honest, when you think of a cuddly dog, you envision something that’s super-cute, soft, fluffy and lap-sized, right? Well, you’d be wrong… and you’d be right. You see while not all pint-sized pooches are amenable to a hug or nuzzle, some of the more “full-sized” breeds are ready and willing recipients of said snuggling (in spite of not being able to comfortably fit on most laps).

So, how do we decide which pooches are the cuddliest? Consider this; does he ever initiate the interaction? Does he respond well if you coax him in for a little one-on-one time (without the promise of a treat)? If you answered “yes” to both, congratulations, you’ve got a cuddler! But while we all know that our beloved four-legged homeys are hard-wired to show non-stop affection, not all breeds appreciate the warm and fuzzy treatment. So, let’s take a look at 10 of the cuddliest breeds – the ones that just thrive on stuff like hugs, ear scratches, belly rubs and of course the inevitable “who’s-a-good-boy” baby talk.

  1. Pug

Naturally, we’ll start with this big-eyed love bug. Both affectionate and sweet-natured, this mini mutt loves nothing more than to be the center of his human’s universe and with that proud strut, comical air of self-confidence and playful character, he’s a shoe-in for our #1 cuddler. He’s also great with kids, other dogs and has even been known to co-habit well with pets of the feline variety. Now for those of us with a lap, there is a year-round lint-brush alert attached to this super heavy shedding fella – meaning it may be a good idea to toss some easy-wash blankets or towels over his favorite snoozing spaces or the laps of guests prior to him coming in for a cuddle. And of course, like all brachycephalic dogs, his flat face means he tends to gulp air as he eats and for that reason alone, he’s renowned for being highly flatulent. So, the cuddler-warning on this one is don’t squeeze too hard! (photo credit: Yuttana Jaowattana / Shutterstock)

  1. Skye Terrier

This friendly little guy hales from the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland and was originally bred to track down vermin hundreds of years ago. Today this hardy, low-slung pooch hunts for nothing more than errant treats between the sofa cushions. An even-tempered and mild-mannered little guy, he gets along well with family members of all ages and bonds quickly and deeply with his human pack. As a result, he loves nothing more than to be front and center of all the action or to just curl up for a snooze beside his favorite peeps. In spite of his longer, shaggy looking coat he’s not a heavy shedder, so scores a 4 out of 5 when it comes to lap-friendly. And because he’s never met a face he didn’t love – including strangers – he’s no watchdog. That said, he is known for his intuitive nature and ability to sense when a little pick-me-up cuddle is needed… and then delivering on cue. (photo credit: Robynrg / Shutterstock)

  1. Newfoundland

Don’t you just love a pooch that you can wrap your arms around and bring in for a great big hug? The Newfoundland offers this and more because with his rather large girth it means he can do double-duty as a pillow or arm rest depending on your sofa sitting arrangement. This gentle giant with the easy-going personality and lap-dog ambitions is ideal for families with kids both young and old as well as other pets. And because this big boy just never tires of affection, you can always count on having a TV-watching companion. Now the downside to any over-sized, long-haired black dog is that he sheds heavily so you may want to invest in a good vacuum, lint rollers, easy-wash blankets…. you get the picture. For those who have owned a larger dog, you know that drool happens, so when he snuggles in beside you for an evening of binge-watching, a few well-placed towels wouldn’t be a bad idea. (photo credit: Dora Zett / Shutterstock)

  1. Boxer

This handsome boy with that oh-so distinctive mug and mischievous glint in his eye has the gruff look of a fighter but the gentle heart of a lover. He’s not only full of energy and super friendly, but this particular breed is renowned for his playful, puppy-like personality that will continue throughout his entire lifetime. He’s an entertaining, clown-like pooch that just loves to settle in for a night with his human pack – ideally riding shotgun on the sofa while watching a good, long movie. This boy is truly up for cuddling opportunities. And while his family loyalty makes him a great (non-aggressive) watchdog, he’s a gentle snuggle bunny with those he loves. Now, he is a fairly heavy shedder, but unlike other pooches where towels, blankets and vacuums are a must, a couple of good brush-outs each a week should be sufficient to keep loose hair in check. Similar to the Pug, this flat-faced pooch is known for his “profound” flatulence which can require volunteers come cuddle time. (photo credit: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock)

  1. Rat Terrier

Doesn’t his name just scream high energy? This mischievous little dog with the perky expression is always ready to play and will devote his entire life to amusing his pet parent. Seriously, he doesn’t want to be bothered with people he doesn’t know and for those he does know (and who know him), he’s considered a highly perceptive pooch who is always in tune to his human’s emotions. In fact, its been said that he will adjust his mood and energy levels if he feels you need a little one-on-pooch time. And because he’s highly tactile – it’s all about the cuddles. This little guy is big on delivering non-stop entertainment and because he is equal parts stubborn and fun-loving, get ready for some serious personality here. Although his shorter, fine white hair is a snap to brush out, guests offering a lap for him to sit on should be armed with a lint roller on arrival. Great with kids and other pets, his loyal nature makes him an active (and noisy) watchdog. (photo credit: Lisa Turay / Shutterstock)

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This lovely little pooch with the big, woeful eyes and winsome expression can never be described as being overly discriminatory when it comes to cuddling. Yes, this super-friendly pooch has yet to meet a lap he wasn’t prepared to jump up on and while he is highly loyal and affectionate to his human pack, he’s not adverse to pats and cuddles from total strangers. In fact, he’s renowned for his love of getting up close and personal with everyone he meets (or who dares to make eye contact) so nope, there’s no watchdog material here. This polite little pup is great with kids and other dogs but his instinct to chase may not make him popular with smaller pets. His distinctively marked soft, silky coat does love to cling to clothes and furniture so as a lap-dog, he certainly has a tendency to leave his mark, but who can refuse a cuddle when it’s being offered by a pooch with a face like his! (photo credit: Fotyma / Shutterstock)

  1. Greyhound

The svelte, lean body and that face with the perpetually guilty expression (is it just me?) will win your heart when you meet this pooch up close and personal. While you may think this breed of dog is super high energy and simply too wired to ever settle in for a cuddle, you’d be wrong. These handsome, lanky boys with the waif-like features are actually bred for the shorter sprint rather than a drawn-out marathon race. Following a run at top-speed, he’s notoriously known for heading on over to the nearest soft and cozy space for a hard-earned snooze. At home, his love of cushy creature comforts such as a well-padded sofa, cushion, or lap, means this gentle, low-shedding hound is inclined to lay claim to any place where he can snuggle in for a morning, afternoon or entire evening of indulging his favorite past-times such as hanging out with his human pack, sleeping soundly or belly rubs. In no particular order. (photo credit: v.fox66 / Shutterstock)

8. Bichon Frise

Provide a willing lap and this playful little snow-white pup will become your BFF (biggest fan forever). He is seriously devoted to following you around the house all day long, looking for opportunities to deliver a little cuddling comfort. Of course, he’s hoping you will look down at the little powder puff of cuteness that keeps tripping you up and initiate the snuggle process, but he’s always ready to step up at a moment’s notice. In fact, if you happen to sit down you may find you have a lapful of fluff before you can say I-don’t-want-a-dog-on-my-lap. Originally bred to be circus performers because of their highly entertaining personalities, you’ll find this affectionate, non-shedding little guy is ready and willing to perform limitless tricks for praise, treats or…more cuddles. He’s great with kids and other pets, is highly loyal to his human pack and rightly considers himself to be a rather integral part of the family unit. (photo credit: v.fox66 / Shutterstock)

  1. Mastiff

Well, we did say that not all breeds of cuddlers were going to be lap dogs, didn’t we? So, when this big boy says he’s coming in for a cuddle, you better be ready to put the hot drink down, scooch over and clear some space! This intimidating looking pooch is actually a big couch potato with a gentle personality and love of hanging out with his human peeps to enjoying some down-time and snuggles. While his larger size (he can hit over 175 pounds) and loyalty to family mean that he’d make a great watchdog, he’s really not a big fan of being left alone outdoors – he’d much rather be inside and engaged in whatever his human pack are doing. Of course, like other large breeds he can be a bit of a drooler and that, combined with a tendency to shed heavily means that blankies on the furniture are needed. And because he snores (loudly) you may want to keep the volume control handy. (photo credit: Marcel Jancovic / Shutterstock)

10. Australian Shepherd

This handsome boy with the distinctive markings is not surprisingly, full of energy and lots of love for his human flock. These dogs are affectionately known as “Aussies” and their friendly, outgoing personality is truly as big as the country itself. Loyal, protective and loving, this pooch is renowned for his desire to stay up-close and personal – all the time – which means he may not be the right dog for those who have to leave him alone for longer periods of time. And because cuddles can come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll find that with the Aussie this can translate into sitting at your feet, sleeping by your side, snuggling on your lap or even leaning up against your legs (if you stand still long enough). But don’t mistake this dog’s love of snuggling for boredom or a lack of energy. He’s a working boy that is happy and willing to play non-stop with kids and other pets, as long as a restful cuddle is planned for later. (photo credit: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock)

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