10 Best Toys For Shorkies

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The bio-mineral dog chew will replace minerals in your Shorkie1. StoneBone Biominerals Chew Toy. This bio-mineral chew toy is great for your Shorkie to gnaw on anytime, but particularly when there’s and upset tum-tum, as the bio-minerals in the toy help settle it. It’s crazy strong, and will help get rid of that nasty tartar and plaque on puppy’s teeth, and is a great teething toy too. It retails for $6.49.

This cooling stick helps relieve painful gums and bad dental health

2. PetStages Cool Teething Stick. While this is a great teether for Shorkie Puppies, it’s also a great toy for Morkies in general as you can repeatedly cool it to entice your Shorkie to gnaw on it. It helps tender gums and also keeps them clean, while is bright and colorful enough to pique their curiosity in play. It retails for $4.99.

These cotton chew toys will help floss your Shorky's teeth

3. Creaker Cotton Rope Chew Toys. These cotton rope chew toys are adorable, yes, but they serve the purpose of getting the chew out of your Shorkie while also helping keep teeth clean in a natural way. The cotton is 100% pure cotton and the toy also has a natural rubber that uses non-toxic dye should your pup give it a good gnaw. The pack of two retails for $10.99.

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This set of toys for your Shorkie will bring entertainment for hours

4. Cool Breed Chew Toy Set. This set has a couple of strong and tough toys (little dogs still have teeth that can tear!) and they’ll love playing with the textured rubber toys, while the rope fibers help essentially floss their teeth and gums. They can gnaw on their own or play tug with you. The set retails for $10.99.

The Kong Binky is a great toy and teether for your Shorkie

5. Kong Binky. Is there anything cuter than your Shorkie with a binky? We’ll bet you think not after you see yours with this adorable ‘binky’ treat toy from Kong. You can use food kibble or treats and it’ll stimulate your dog’s gums and give them something to do and chew on at the same time. It retails for $7.75.

This mini-bone tug toy is great to play with your Shorkie

6. PetStages Mini Bone Tug Toy. This Tug Toy from PetStages is the perfect size for you and your little Shorkie to play tug with. It’s got rubber grip they can really sink their teeth into, and because they are fragile, it’s small enough for you to not worry too much about too hard a tug. It’s bright and fun so don’t be surprised when they play on their own too! It retails for  $2.61.

Non-toxic toys are great for chewers like shorkies

7. JW Durable Non-toxic Chew Toy. We love this spiral-shaped, non-toxic chew toy from JW because it’s a unique design and your Shorkie can really get into it–literally, watch it work at it with its little paws! It can make a great teether or all-the-time toy and it retails for $2.07.

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This sensory ball appeals to your shorky's senses

8. Ethical Pets Sensory Ball. This awesome ball from Ethical Pets appeals to your Shorkie’s senses,with a sound bell and squeaker, and beef-scent and taste. There are different textures all over the ball to encourage chewing and the bright colors are inviting. It retails for $4.60.

Soft and washable, these stuffies are great toys for shorkies

9. Pawaboo Eco-Friendly Stuffies. These stuffies are plush and soft, and have a squeaker to get your Shorkie’s curiosity growing. They’re eco-friendly, with minimal seams and stuffed with environmentally friendly PP and when they’re well-loved, you can throw them in the washing machine to make them good as new. They retail for $15.99.

These stuffies have squeakers for your Shorky's engagement

10. Ueetek Veggie Toys. Make sure your Shorkie gets his fruits and veggies with these chew toys from Uteek. They’re non-toxic and with squeakers so if your pup gets zealous in chewing, no worries. They’re also machine washable! They retail for $10.49/set.