Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs have different needs than younger pups. To make sure that your older dog is getting the most out of his golden years, offers pet parents tips, information and products about this stage of their life. Find out what happens to pooches as they age and how you can help them fully enjoy their well-earned retirement.

To dogs, growing old usually means facing many new challenges. Without proper care and a lot of effort from their pet parents, old dogs can quickly lose quality of life. So, what can you do to make sure your senior pooch stays as healthy as possible? Our guides on canine cognitive dysfunction, arthritis, lose of mobility and hearing will help you deal with common health issues in older dogs, while our preventive tips ensure you postpone them and work on prolonging your dog’s life span.

But, living with an old dog is not all about joint pain and fearing the inevitable. Senior dogs keep their lively spirit and sometimes go through so-called second childhood in the latter part of their life. Learn about different activities suitable for elderly dogs that will keep your pooch in great shape and allow them to spend more time with you on outdoor adventures.

You might be thinking about adopting an older dog, but you’re unsure if that is the right decision. Seniors fall into category of dogs that are least likely to get adopted, so offering them love and companionship during the time they have left is a beautiful and a rewarding gesture. provides articles and guides on adoption of elderly dogs, as well as useful tips and tricks on housetraining and acclimating them into your home.

Help your pooch stay vital and young at heart for as long as you can. We offer you invaluable resources on making your dog’s old age a period of happiness and good health.

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