The Benefits Of Fresh Dog Food: Is It Right For Your Pup?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Research continues to show that a dog’s health begins in the gut. In essence, what goes in (and goes out) has a big role in their overall health and time at the vet. How can we make sure that their guts are at their healthiest? Fresh food. When we give dogs clean, whole, fresh foods, we’re helping to fuel them just like we do ourselves. Real foods gently cooked to keep nutrients in help build our immunity and energy levels, and they do the same in our dogs. Fresh foods are more bioavailable for your dog than are even the most premium kibbles with processed ingredients. This bioavailability means that your dog has better long-term health benefits and short-term perks too.

One of our favorite fresh options is Ollie. Ollie delivers fresh dog food to your dog only made with the best whole ingredients, formulated by vets – none of that kibble with dyes, fillers and fake meats. Ollie combines their carefully sourced ingredients and vet-formulated recipes with information you give about your dog’s weight, allergies and breed to create a perfectly portioned diet that comes right to your door. No, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Ingredients Matter

The sad truth about many dog foods is that so many standard dog foods are filled with chemicals, dyes, fake meats, preservatives and other not-so-optimal ingredients. This can make a significant difference in your dog’s weight, overall health and even their life span. It’s crucial that when you’re looking at dog foods, you become a label reader and know what’s going in your dog’s mouth.

Ollie’s fresh food is made with whole foods that are gently cooked to preserve the nutrients. Their suppliers have to go through an extensive vetting process, and there are no fillers, soy, corn, wheat or artificial flavors. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we love Ollie so much. The ingredients are clean and transparent, and you can even eat Ollie’s if you’d like. We’d not recommend it because your dog may have something to say on that matter, but if you wanted? You could.

And because it’s customized for your dog’s breed, size and weight, you can be sure that your dog will have better management of allergies, more energy and shinier coats. We are what we eat, so they say, and dogs who eat Ollie’s are in premium shape with all the healthy and carefully sourced ingredients.

No More Picky-Picky

If your dog isn’t eating kibble or is throwing up its food, it may be time to switch up your dog’s food. Sometimes your dog may be ‘picky’ because he has sensitivities, intolerances or allergies to the ingredients in the food. More and more, processed foods have ingredients that don’t react well with your dog’s gut, and it’s evident when they let their food just sit there, or they have reactions after they eat.

Fresh food makes all the difference, though, and particularly fresh food that’s been chosen specifically for your dog.

Ollie’s has four delectable recipes that dogs love, and even the pickiest pups can’t stay away. Whether it’s their Beef recipe with sweet potatoes, peas and rosemary or Chicken with spinach and cod liver oil, they’ll sit pretty waiting for a mealtime. Ollie’s also offers a Turkey blend with blueberries, carrots and chia seeds and a Lamb formulation that includes kale and butternut squash. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire about your dog and gotten your recommendations, you’ll be able to choose a plan based on whether you want to feed your dog Ollie exclusively or just use a bit each meal as an enticing topper. You can combine your dog’s desire and your wallet’s boundaries for the perfect plan.

How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

Different breeds and ages need different ratios of calories, protein etc. Ollie provides custom feeding guidelines. When you start with Ollie, you’ll enter your dog’s personal information; their age, breed, weight and activity level. Ollie does its magic and picks the perfect portions and recipes for your dog. Then, your work is done.

Each tailored meal comes directly to your door, and shipping is free. Plans start at just $2/day, depending on your dog, and you simply follow the customized feeding guidelines that are included. It’s been developed with experienced canine nutritionists, and each formula is specifically created to be the best nutrition dogs can find. Feeding your dog the healthiest food has never been easier.

Why We Love Ollie

Plain and simple, we love our dogs. We want to give them the best, and Ollie makes it so easy to do. Healthy, fresh food that comes directly to your door is super convenient for sure, but the best benefits are our dogs’ health benefits. We always say if we could change one thing about our dogs, it would be how long we get to have them with us. Ollie helps because healthier food our dogs love means healthier dogs we get to live longer. A win-win for sure.

If you’re ready to give your dog human-grade food that is freshly made and delivered right to your door, Ollie is offering 5 0% off your first box. Just answer a few questions about your dog, and then get ready for them to thank you. Trust us, their happiness shows and shines with every bite.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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