Pets Are Living The Good Life At New York City’s D Pets Hotel

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Do you feel really guilty when you travel and leave your pet behind? No need – the swanky D Pets Hotel promises a luxe vacay for your pooch.

We’ve all heard of W Hotels. It’s the luxury, trendy brand that takes great pleasure in redefining the oh-so-chic lifestyle hotel experience.

Well hang on to your all-natural cricket powder dog treats for this one: there is now a D Hotel. Yes, D as in DOG and it delivers the same over-the-top services and amenities as its aforementioned counterpart.

To be clear, D Hotels has absolutely nothing to do with W hotels beyond picking a consonant and building a brand around it. But the idea of delivering exceptional service in an extravagant setting is shared by both.

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The doggie version of the concept began back in 2008 by a pet parent based in Hollywood, California (of course!) who wanted to create an experience for pooches similar to that which their owner would receive when visiting their local spa. Let’s face it, our pups don’t really know (or care) about that decadent room service breakfast we enjoyed last vacay, but we do and quite frankly, the desire to have the little guy be indulged in a similar fashion is important to us.

Fast forward four years and Franchise owner Kerry Brown saw an opportunity to grow her business in New York. The Chelsea location opened in 2012 and pet owners who are working or traveling can swing by any time to drop off their dog for a spa and grooming experience, for a stint in daycare or for an extended period.

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So for a mere $200 per night, Rover can settle into a room that probably exceeds the size of most NYC studios. Yikes, you may think, but remember the “big apple” locale and know that value is always top of mind. D Hotels offers your pooch five star luxury whether he is spending the day or staying the night and their amenities include:

  • A lavish doggie gym and lounge
  • Hotel grounds that span nearly 10,000 sf with 19 ft high ceilings.
  • Spa and chauffeur services that will gladly pick Rover up from your home or office.
  • Convenient and cost-friendly walking pick-up services if you happen to live within a 10-block radius.
  • A private chef that creates all-natural, custom recipes, prepared fresh daily and delivered to your little guy’s suite each morning and evening (hey, remember that luxe room service breakfast I mentioned earlier….?)
  • A retail boutique that offers the latest in dog fashions and lifestyle products such as aromatherapy candles and reversible raincoats.

And then there’s the accommodation. Your fur-kid can settle in for the night in the modest 4’x9’ room that features an orthopedic dog bed and flat screen TV to keep him company… with dog-themed movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua or the Fox and the Hound (no, seriously).

Next is the sensational 9’x9’ room that works for multi-dog households where the kids just want to hang out together. The raised daybed allows for those who like to climb all over the place while a special space beneath accommodates those who like a cozy spot to snuggle in.

Finally, there is the Uber Suite, which I guess in human-speak would be like the Presidential Suite. It’s a whopping 12’ x 12’ and comes with a full-size bed and flat screen TV

Since its opening, D Hotel in Chelsea has been featured on “Good Morning America” and CNN and Brown describes their clientele as being “anyone from a banker to an attorney to a yoga instructor.” Even college students attending the Fashion Institute of Technology sometimes drop their dogs off while attending classes right up the street.

Okay, but for $200, please tell me there’s a minibar, turn down service, and a mint on their pillow each night…

[Source: Business Insider]

Mary Simpson
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