Rover Will Roll In Style In This Rolls Royce Concept Car

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For those of you who are more into pooches than you are into Porsches, you probably didn’t know that the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is approaching. Yeah, me too… no idea. But there is one thing about this show that makes me sit up and take notice – a concept Rolls Royce vehicle that’s been tricked out for shaggy shot-gun passengers.

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Catering to the dog who wags for the finer things in life, this concept car, which is the creation of London automotive and product designer Niels van Roij, comes with everything your furry BFF could ever want in an automobile.

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According to specs, it’s build over a Rolls-Royce Ghost chassis, but that’s not what will get wealthy pet parents drooling. They’ll be more interested in features such as a rear hatch that opens automatically when your dog, wearing an RFID chip in his collar, comes close.  When he’s ready to come on board, a ramp extends out of the trunk – the perfect runway for his grand entrance.


Oh, another thing that’s important to note – there’s no room for kids in Niels van Roij bespoke car. That’s because the rear seating has been removed… all to make way for a spacious lounge area for Fido. The only thing this car is missing is a personal puppy chauffeur who makes pit stops for belly rubs.

Yep – that’s exactly how we roll at PetGuide.com. Sign us up for a test drive if it ever makes it off paper and into the dealership.

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