How Valentine’s Day Can Ruin Your Pet’s Perfect Date

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A bottle of wine, sexy lingerie, a box of chocolates and flowers: for some, a tried and true recipe to wow their date, while for a few others these things can be the stuff of nightmares. Why? Because everything from this list can harm their pet, and, statistics reveal, it usually does in the month of love.

While a show of love can be much appreciated by your fellow human, your furry significant other might feel left out and try to get in on the action… by trying to eat your Valentine’s gifts. Yep. Just one of the many perks of being a pet parent, people!

The people at Trupanion pulled together some fun Valentine’s Day-related data from the more than 400,000 pets they insure. Pooches all across the nation seem to grab any chance they get to snatch their pawrent’s stuff, but Valentine’s chocolates seem to be the favorite (surprise, anyone?)- in the past four years, they’ve paid out more than $45,000 in chocolate-related claims alone.

Here are some hilarious stories of Valentine’s gone wrong that they’ve found in their database:

  • Last Valentine’s Day, A two-year-old Collie snagged some Baker’s chocolate from the countertop. Instead of the Collie’s owner whipping up a dark molten chocolate cake for his Valentine, the afternoon was spent at the veterinarian’s office. The Collie recovered quite nicely – as did her owner after he saw the $1,167 bill for the emergency visit.
  • A Miniature Pinscher found some lingerie last Valentine’s that he couldn’t resist. After he ate the finery, the undies were successfully recovered by the veterinarian and returned to their rightful owner.
  • Dogs aren’t the only pets to get in on the action. Last year, a shorthair Tabby couldn’t resist the alluring smell of flowers and decided to make a snack of the poisonous bunch. A trip to the veterinarian and $2,537.00 later, the Tabby returned home for some convalescing Valentine’s love.

Nothing sets the romantic mood like having to fish out miscellaneous stuff out of your furball’s mouth, eh? But, that’s what love’s all about: being by someone’s side through good and the bad!

However, there’s no need to show off your commitment to your four-legged baby by being by their side while they’re suffering from bowel obstruction (buying them a tasty treat is a much better option). Instead, make sure that anything that could harm your pet is out of their reach, including your Valentine’s gifts.