Adoptable Dog of the Week- Cross

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Happy-go-lucky and utterly charming, this friendly fella is hoping for a family to call his own! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Cross, a beautiful 4.5 years old Golden Retriever mix from Atlanta, Georgia. Cross is neutered, microchipped, up to date on his vaccinations as well as heartworm and flea preventatives. This lovely doggo would do best in a family that already has dogs, but he hasn’t had the chance to spend time around kids or cats, so it is best if his new home has no children under 12.

Not all pooches are born under a lucky star and Cross certainly knows it. He was obtained over Craiglist as a puppy and left at a local boarding kennel not long after. This unfortunate doggo spent years there before he was rescued. But, luckily, none of his past misfortunes left a mark on Cross’ spirit: he is as happy and friendly as can be! Despite not being around many people, he is very sweet and affectionate- once he gets to know you, you’ll be showered with love and greeted with a wagging tail at all times. Not to mention with big, doggo hugs Cross is known for!

Cross is an energetic, playful pooch that loves nothing better than playing with tennis balls and other equally minded pooches. He does best with sweet and playful female dogs and would do best if his new pawrents already have a dog in the family. Cross hasn’t been around children before, so it is recommended he goes to an adult-only home or ome with older children. Ideally, his new home would have a big, securely fenced yard where Cross could play and run around safely.

In case you have room in your heart and home for a big-hearted, lively dog such as Cross, contact Canine Crusaders of Atlanta for more information.