Lab/Shepherd Mix Zoey Claims Title of World’s Longest Dog Tongue

by Britt
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We all believe our dog is special and unique, but for some dog parents, this statement means something more. A small number of dog parents around the world can lay claim to being recognized by Guinness World Records. Three-year-old Labrador/German Shepherd mix Zoey and her family, the Williams family, are now part of that elite group as Zoey claims the record for the World’s Longest Tongue on a Living Dog.

A dog’s tongue plays a vital role in many aspects of their daily lives. They use them to pick up and eat food, lap water, and even cool themselves down when temperatures soar. When your pup is trying to investigate an interesting scent, the tongue helps to better smell their surroundings. Of course, there are also those sloppy kisses!

The Williams family noticed the length of Zoey’s tongue as a young puppy but assumed it was just a feature she was growing into. After all, many puppies have features that seem out of proportion as they grow up, like large bat ears and gigantic paws.

However, as Zoey grew up, the family realized that her tongue continued to grow with her. Her tongue can be seen hanging out proudly in all of her pictures. “We got Zoey when she was only six weeks old,” explained Sadie Williams. “And in the first-ever picture we have of her, she has her tongue sticking out.”

An English Setter previously held the record named Bisbee in Tucson, Arizona, whose tongue was officially measured at 3.74 inches. Before Bisbee, the title was held by a St. Bernard named Mochi for over five years until 2021, when she passed. Her tongue measured in at a shocking 7.3 inches.

After having several friends and family members suggest that Zoey’s tongue could challenge this record, Drew ad Sadie Williams decided to go through the process. They had to take Zoey to a veterinarian for an official measurement to be taken. This appointment was recorded and submitted to Guinness with a package of videos, photos, and witness statements to confirm that the claim was valid and that the measurement was taken fairly and accurately.

When all was said and done, Zoey’s tongue officially measured at 5 inches, claiming the record. Guinness compared her tongue to the size of a standard soda can, which measures 4.8 inches.

Of course, a dog can’t earn a world record title without celebrating. Drew and Sadie confirmed that after the title was confirmed, they took Zoey to the store for a dog-focused shopping spree full of tasty goodies. They then took her out to enjoy her favorite activities, including chasing squirrels, riding in the car, playing fetch, and swimming.

The couple proudly displays the framed certificate over their mantel alongside a painting of Zoey showing off her award-winning tongue. “It’s… a conversation starter,” Drew stated. “There’s not a lot of people who have seen one of those certificates in person, you know – it’s exciting.”

So, next time your dog shows you a little love and showers you with kisses, imagine how that would feel with a 5-inch tongue!


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