10 Best Toys For Your Miniature Husky

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Miniature Huskies are entertaining and engaging, but like their larger Siberian Husky relatives, they get bored quickly and are prone to wanderlust. Smaller dogs often equal smaller toys, and to a degree, this is true. But, your Miniature Husky may get bored with the average chew bone, so you need to keep them enticed and engaged.

The GoughNuts Chew Ball is for extreme chewers like miniature huskies

1. GoughNuts Extreme Chew Ball. You will most likely still want a ball or two for your Miniature Husky as they love to play with you and fetch is one of their favorites. But you’ll need a ball that’ll hold up to its strong jaws and teeth, so you’ll want one like this. The GoughNuts Ball is guaranteed for life and retails for $21.31-$24.67.

The GoughNuts donut tug is fun for your miniature husky

2. GoughNuts Rubber Chew Tug. This tug/chew toy is also from GoughNuts, and again, virtually indestructible. That’s important with a Miniature Husky because they often, in their play, take that challenge to destroy very seriously. Perfect for puppies who are teething, parents who want to play or just gnawing during that few minutes of downtime, it was designed just for dogs 10-40 pounds. It retails for $16.33.

3. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball will keep your miniature and super active husky mentally stimulated and physically active while they play. It will help to enrich your pet’s quality of life by giving them something physical to work on while working their brain at the same time! Huskies and other active dogs have a tendency to scarf down their food which isn’t good for their digestive system. The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball slows down their earring and helps reduce bloating and improve their digestive system. It’s also a bit cleaner than other slow feed dog bowls and snuffle mats. 

The best part about the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is that you can adjust the difficulty as your dog learns. Once they learn how to roll the ball to get the treat out, you can make it harder so they can keep working and honing their skills. It is also easy to clean, which makes it the perfect toy for both your pet and you!

Your miniature husky will go crazy trying to get this wobble ball quiet

4. Wobble Wag Ball. You may have seen this on television and wondered if it was really as engaging and entertaining as it looks. We’re here to tell you that it is. It’s hard to describe the sound you hear as anything else but ‘wobbly,’ and it definitely engages your Miniature Husky simply with small nudges. It’s not incessant, so it doesn’t annoy them–but it has just the right amount of weird movement and sound to captivate them into playing for quite a while. It’s rugged and retails for $9.99.

The bouncing bulldog toy will entice your miniature husky to play

5. Zeus Bouncing Bulldog Toy. On the same lines of the Wobble Wag Ball, the Zeus Bouncing Bulldog toy engages your pet with simple touch or on its own in an unpredictable way that will delight, entrance and drive your Miniature husky crazy. It barks, shakes and rolls to engage and has a machine washable cover. It retails for $12.99.

This bone puzzle will keep your dog engaged and entertained

6. EE Toys Treat Dispenser. Miniature Huskies have strong teeth and jaws and chewing can be their jam, particularly if they’re bored. Make sure it doesn’t turn into destruction with a rugged, durable treat dispenser toy that will keep them engaged and work their dental hygiene out at the same time. This one retails for $9.99.

The dog tornado will entertain your miniature husky

7.Outward Hound Dog Tornado. This is an intermediate level toy that will most likely be just perfect for your Miniature Husky. Treats can shoot out like a tornado, but your dog has to make that happen with spinning, and figuring out how to do so will keep her entertained and motivated. It’s rugged and durable, and retails for $19.99.

The seek-a-treat toy will make your dog's brain work for treats

8. Ethical Pets Seek-A-Treat Toy. Another toy that will reward your pup for making good and smart choices, this treat puzzle will also have him flipping away to try and find that next treat. It’s made of eco-friendly materials, is durable and motivating and you can connect pieces to give more challenge. It retails for $18.19.

The memory trainer can help your miniature husky's brain development

9. Trixie Pet Memory Trainer. If you want to take your dog’s boredom fighting to a whole different level, this memory trainer from Trixie Pet Products will go there. Your Miniature Husky will sit for a good while as you teach her how to work this memory trainer and she’ll also enjoy playing with it herself to figure out how to get the goods. It’s a bit pricier than many toys, but your Miniature Husky may be a good bit smarter than the average pup, so consider it. It retails for $99.99.

The Petcube interactive laser toy is fun for your miniature husky

10. Petcube WiFi Laser Toy. And if you’re really going to go there, why not give yourself some entertainment too? This Interactive WiFi Laser Toy is great for your dog because you can use it when you’re there or away. When pet parents are gone is typically when pups get the most bored and destructive, so this interactive laser toy lets you watch your dog chase the laser endlessly and remotely. It lets you talk through the speaker so your dog still can have instructions and acts as a 1080p video monitor as well. It retails for $149.99