10 Best Toys For Morkies

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Morkies are so stinking adorable, it’s true. With that adorableness comes a pretty playful personality; Morkies will seemingly never tire of chasing balls and they love to chew, chew, chew. That’s why we think the following toys are a must-have for your Morkie’s toy box!

This bumper toy will let you and your Morkie play tug

1. Katie’s Mini Bumper Tug Toy. Your Morkie may only be a few pounds, but don’t let that fool you–he thinks he’s a big tough guy! Big enough to play tug with you, but obviously you’ll need to adapt the tug toy. This bumper is made with quality fire hose material, making it durable and a great benefit to their dental health, but mostly, they’ll have so much fun playing with their person! It retails for $11.21.

These dental chews will help keep your Morkie's teeth clean.

2. PetStages Dental Cleaning Chews. These are great for keeping your Morkie engaged and giving an alternative to chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Morkies are prone to dental problems, so these dental cleaning toys bring engagement and dental benefit all in one and are really reasonable at $5.78 a toy.

3. Pawzzle Burrito Mini Snuffle Toy. While your tiny Morky might get lost in some of the big snuffle toys, this mini snuffle Burrito from Pawzzle is the perfect size for fun filled snuffling for your Morkie. In its fully expanded size it is only 11 by 11 inches, which is a great size for your pup.  Snuffle toys stimulate your dog’s brain, their sense of smell and also encourages their foraging skills.  In fact, studies have shown that this kind of nosework training help’s your dog’s overall confidence, reduces their stress, anxiety and boredom.  Plus, if your Morkie does tend to eat too fast you can use the snuffle matt to hide food and slow down their eating instincts by hiding food in the various flaps and holes made specifically for this purpose. When you are both finished simply shake off any excess food and just toss it into your washing machine to clean it.

The Babble Ball will talk to your Morkie

4. Pet Qwerks Babble Ball. If you want to drive your Morkie mad (not really, just keep that smarty-pants brain working!), the Pet Qwerks Babble Ball will do it. Perfectly sized for your teacup breed, it talks to your dog and sort of eggs it on, even. It reacts to touch, so if your puppy wants to play, she just activates it simply by engaging and then it is game on. It is durable so lots of play time and it retails for $5.66.

The iDogmate launcher will keep your Morkie entertained with balls inside or out

5. iDogmate Mini Ball Launcher. So, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill dog toy, but then again, your Morkie isn’t a run-of-the-mill breed, either. The iDogmate Ball launcher will have your dog running around and chasing balls like a champ, and you get to be in control! You can even teach your dog how to bring the balls back to the launcher and the chasing literally never has to end. It retails for $109, and is a great toy for apartment dwellers.

This squeaky dino will drive your Morkie wild

6. GoDog Plush Dino With Chew Guard Technology. You’ll laugh your head off as your Morkie goes to battle with this plushie Dino that is made with GoDog’s Chew Guard Technology. Created for little but tough chewers, the squeaker will drive your yapster mad, and you’ll crack up as she tries to get at him. It retails for $7.20.

The mini chuck-it will with squeaker is fun for your Morkie

7. Chuck-It Squeaker Balls. Sometimes simple is best. Morkies love playing with balls, and this mini Chuck-it ball with squeaker doesn’t even need to be chucked in order to give your Morkie lots of play time and chew time. It’s tough to help clean those teeth and gums, and will keep him busy as she entertains herself or plays with you. It retails for $3.35.

This treat dispenser doubles as a chew toy

8. JW Treat Pod Toy. This interactive treat dispenser makes your Morkie work for his treats, and that only means good things for his dental health and brain development. Once your little dog gets a taste for the treat and figures it out, he’ll be trying to tear it up, but this one is a pretty durable opponent. It retails for $4.99.

The treat ball puzzle will make your Morkie work for it.

9. VegXPet IQ Treat Ball. Morkies love treats and they love balls, so this is a winning combination. Plus, it’s a puzzle, so those little brains will have to work hard (as will their teeth and tongue) to try and figure out how to get their yummy treats into their tummies. It’s a great way for them to keep themselves from being bored and getting into mischief, and cleans their gums too. It retails for $11.99.

This treat puzzle for your Morkie also helps with dental health

10. WestPaw ZogoFlex Treat Dispenser. This two-part puzzle will keep your Morkie on her toes trying to get the treats, but without getting distracted by chewing on the yummy but durable BPA and phthalate-free material. It’s durable and adorable and retails for $15.95.