Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Morkie

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Not to name drop, but we know some pretty famous celebs. Like, Instagram famous! Like who, you ask? Well, we didn’t want to come off schmarmy, but we did just land Herman the Morkie in our latest breed video. Yep – that Herman, from @HermanintheHood. But hey, it’s not like we’re bragging or anything…

The Morkie is a mix of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds, and the result is one adorable, hypoallergenic dog. David, Herman’s dad, let us hang out with the for the day to see what life with a Morkie is really like. Since Herman’s appearance on ABC Nightline, his Instagram following has grown to over 46,000 followers – he’s the most popular dog who’s ever let us hang around him!

We’re so proud to be part of Herman’s entourage, and we loved meeting this social media sensation. Be sure to watch the video, because you’ll get all the dirt on what it’s like to live with a dog breed that adores being in the spotlight.