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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog bed covers provide a protective barrier between your pet’s bed and dirt, hair or pee and prolong the usability of the bed itself. From chew-proof dog bed covers to waterproof options and everything in between, you’ll have no problem finding a perfect match on our list.

When they’re not wagging their tail in expectation of walks or getting belly rubs, our pooches spend most of their time snoozing away in their comfy beds. As a result, their nap spots start showing signs of wear and tear quickly, whether it’s the buildup of dirt and grime, shed hair, or even rips and holes (especially if your pooch likes to chew things).

What are the benefits of dog bed covers?

But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to change their beds every few months – it’s an unnecessary strain on the budget. The best way to prolong the usability of a dog’s bed and to make sure that hygiene is up to standards is to have a protective cover over the bed itself. Dog bed covers ensure that the bed is not directly exposed to any kind of wear and tear, be it dirt or contact with your dog’s claws. Some of them are even waterproof so if your pooch is prone to ‘accidents’ you don’t have to worry about the bed being ruined for good in case of some pee or vomit getting to it. In a nutshell, dog bed covers are everything you need to make sure your dog is always sleeping on a clean, comfy bed without breaking the bank.

How to choose dog bed covers?

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes and their quality varies, and your choice of pet bed will largely influence your choice of dog bed covers, as well. From the fabric (does it need to be waterproof or self-warming, for instance?) to the cut of the cover (is the bed round or square, does it have sides, etc?), you can’t make a choice without considering the features of the bed first. Covers are designed for beds that don’t already have removable, machine-washable covers, but they can be used on any kind of bed as another layer of protection – it doesn’t hurt to be safe, really, especially if you’re worried about chewing or liquids that could ruin the bed. Dog bed covers are available in a variety of materials and dimensions, too, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find a match for your pooch’s round cuddler bed or orthopedic bolster bed – there’s a fit for all of the popular bed designs.

We’ve rounded the best dog bed covers on the market, in varying designs, to make sure every pet parent can find the right match with ease. Whether you want chew-resistant dog bed covers for your mischievous puppy, waterproof dog bed covers for your incontinent senior pooch or anything in between, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended). Just scroll on to learn more about what makes covers for pet beds worth the money and how to choose the perfect one to protect your pet’s favorite nap spot.

1. Editor’s Pick: SportPet Designs Round Pet Bed Cover

Cheap, cute and incredibly soft, this pet bed cover for round dog beds will make your pooch’s nap spot even cozier. Made from snuggly fleece material, this cover is a great choice all year round, but especially in the colder months of the year as it will keep your pooch nice and toasty. The cover is fully machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean and looking (not to say smelling) like new. It is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about potty mishaps. However, if your pooch is prone to chewing his bed or clawing at it before lying down, you might need to consider investing in a cover that’s a bit tougher.

2. Runner Up: Dogbed4less Heavy Duty Zipper Cover for Pet Bed

Made from 100 cotton denim in chocolate brown color, this pet bed cover is exceptionally sturdy and easy to clean. The heavy-duty fabric is resistant to clawing and tougher to chew through than most, so this is a great choice if your pet tends to ruin his beds fairly quickly. The denim cover will keep your pet’s expensive bed safe from the regular wear and tear and it looks great to boot! The cotton denim is an excellent alternative to synthetics (a godsend if your pet is allergic) and is both machine washable and dryable. This dog bed cover also boasts eyelid design which helps keep the zipper hidden and protected. There are seven different sizes to choose from to make sure you will easily find a match for any type of dog bed.

3. Best for Elevated Beds: Frisco Replacement Cover for Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

In case your pooch likes to lounge on a steel-framed elevated bed, don’t worry- there are options for those types of beds, too. This affordable yet well-made cover is coated with PVC to offer stain-resistant and water-resistant properties so it will not only be easy to clean but difficult to mess up in the first place, too. It is ideal for outdoor use (and many dogs do use elevated frame beds to lounge when outside) and rugged enough to give you the best value for money. It is offered in brown, terracotta, green, and gray, as well as three sizes: small, medium, and large.

4. Best Universal: Floppy Dawg Universal Dog Bed Replacement Cover

No need to expose your pet’s new bed to dirt, dust, and any other damage when this universal-fit dog bed cover can keep it protected from all of it while keeping your doggo comfy. Floppy Dawg Universal Dog Bed Replacement Cover is made from fluffy, soft 350 GSM beige sherpa fabric on top, the sides are constructed with piped plush cotton, and the bottom is faux suede. This makes the cover not only heavenly soft to touch but pretty durable as well- it will not fade or succumb to wear and tear after repeated machine washings.

To boot, Floppy Dawg Universal Dog Bed Replacement Cover is also available in 3 sizes (medium, large, extra large) and 4 color combinations so there’ll be a match for any pet bed and any interior color scheme. And it doesn’t hurt that it is so soft and plush- no pooch could resist snoozing on it!

5. Best Denim: Heavy Duty Navy Blue Denim Jean Pet Bed Cover

Blue jeans never go out of style – and we all know that the quality and toughness of denim is exceptional, so it doesn’t seem too surprising that someone thought of using blue jean denim to create sturdy and stylish dog bed covers. With proper use, this cover can last you for years and never look worse for the wear! Suitable for machine washing and drying, the cover is easy to keep clean so your dog’s bed will always be fresh and tidy.

6. Best Splurge: Molly Mutt Dog Bed Cover

Not only that this machine washable pet bed cover is beautifully designed but it is also quite sturdy which is why the manufacturer suggests you can use it to make your own DIY pet bed: just use fabric scraps, old clothes or old blankets and pillows to stuff the cover and create a bed for your pooch without breaking the bank. Of course, you can still use this cotton cover as you regularly would if it matches the dimension of your pet’s bed – it is available in round and square shape, and in over 20 different patterns and designs.

7. Best Luxe: 4Knines Luxury Dog Bed Cover

Luxurious and well-made, this cover for pet beds offers exceptional quality for a reasonable price. It is made from soft quilted material in two layers: the absorbent top layer will contain the mess and the inner layer is waterproof so the liquid will never reach the bed. This cover is fully machine washable so you won’t have a problem keeping it tidy – and its tan color is ideal for pets with lighter coats since the shed hair will be more difficult to spot. The cover’s dimensions are 30” in length, 40” in width, and 8” in height.

8. Best Waterproof: Milliard Waterproof Velour Zipper Cover

This pet bed cover is both snuggly and waterproof at the same time- a winning combination. The surface of the cover is ultra-soft velour that pets love lounging on, but the whole bed cover is coated with TPU so no liquid can reach the bed through the cover. The bottom has rubber dots all over to ensure there’s no slipping, either. Milliard waterproof bed cover is machine washable. The dimensions of this waterproof dog bed cover are 34” in length, 22” in width, and 4” in height.

9. Best Elastic Band: JoicyCo Dog Bed Cover

If you are worried about the quality of zippers on dog bed covers or want a really effortless way to change covers, you’ll love this design. Instead of using zippers to close like most due, this round dog bed has an adjustable elastic band on the bottom that makes it much more versatile and a better match for a wider range of dog beds. The soft velour material of the cover makes it machine washable and easy to keep clean at all times. The coffee-colored cover comes in size small, which measures 25.6” by 25.6” by 11”.

10. Best Basic: Dogbed4less Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

It can get any simpler – or more efficient- than this budget-friendly pet bed cover! The polyester fabric is water-resistant and stain-resistant and won’t attract hairs as much as some other fabrics do (take microsuede for example). To boot, the cover is coated with waterproof rubber, so if your pooch pees or vomits while in bed, there won’t be any damage to the bed under them. And as the cover can be machine washed (cold water cycle), making sure hygiene is up to standards won’t be a problem. This dog bed cover comes in 6 vibrant colors and in two sizes – medium and large.

What to look for in dog bed covers

When choosing a cover for your pet’s bed, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Naturally, the majority (if not all) features you’ll consider will depend on the type of dog bed your pet has. There are so many different designs on the dog market that it can be difficult to find the right match on the first try, especially shape and size wise. Then, there are all these other features to consider, too: do you want the cover to be waterproof or just need one because your pet’s bed has no removable cover and you need it for hygienic reasons? Do you want to add more cushioning to the bed or is that unnecessary? Is your pet a chewer or scratches his bed a lot before settling down to sleep? And so on, and so on. Before you pick out one of the most popular dog bed covers, you’ll have to put together a list of features that are important to you, otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money. Just because a pet bed cover is well-made and practical doesn’t mean that it will tick all of your boxes! Here are some of the factors that might influence your decision.

Dimensions and shape

Needless to say, the first and foremost thing to check before buying is if the size of the bed cover is right. This will require careful measuring of the bed and comparison with the detailed dimensions that the manufacturer will provide. When you’re measuring your pet’s bed for a cover, start with the shape. If the bed is rectangular or square (and a great deal of them is), you need to measure the length and the width of the bed, as well as the height, as the thickness of the bed is very important to consider when choosing a cover. In the cases of round and oval-shaped beds, the situation is similar as the thickness again plays a role: measure the length across the bed and add a few inches to the number you get to account for the height of the sides.


The choice material used to make the bed cover can make it or break for you, and it’s only logical. The fabric for dog bed covers has to tick off a lot of checkboxes to be both convenient, practical, and efficient- there are a lot of factors in play, after all. First, the material has to be easy to clean. You don’t want fabrics that are not machine washable or materials that are not as stain-resistant as they should be. Similarly, the color of the fabric also plays an important role: don’t pick a bed cover that’s much lighter or much darker from your pet’s coat (if possible), to make sure that the shed hair is not as visible after a few hours of snoozing.

Next, the fabric should be durable. Not only that you’ll be washing the bed cover pretty frequently (and it does take its toll on the fabric), but we all know how pets can treat their possessions. Some pets like to chew their bedding and it can lead to a lot of wasted money, so a cover should serve as some sort of armor to the bed itself – or at least make it more difficult for the pooch to reach the bed and take out the stuffing. There is also the fact that a lot of pets like to “make” their bed before lying down – AKA claw the bed like crazy, and all that scratching can quickly lead to tears and rips in the fabric. It’s clear to see why a pet bed cover should be made from tough, sturdy materials – regardless of your pet’s behavior. The most common high-quality choices include some form of heavy-duty canvas, denim, oxford cloth, etc.


Just because you’re practical and want the bed cover to be functional above all else doesn’t mean you can’t think about style! You don’t want your pet’s bed to stick out like a sore thumb in your living room, so pick dog bed covers in muted colors or in patterns and prints that complement your interior decor. Luckily, there are plenty of choices on the market, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a design that combines function and style into one product- even if it costs a bit more than the plainest options.

Special features

All dogs are unique – so there might be something special your pet needs from the bed cover. For instance, if you have a puppy in potty training or a sick or senior pooch that have trouble controlling their bladder, a waterproof cover will be a must. There’s usually a layer of special materials inserted that completely block the liquids from reaching the bed.

Similarly, you might want to choose a cover for your pet’s bed that is lined with foam or other material that makes it thicker- to add cushioning to your pet’s bed. This is great if you have a cheaper dog bed that could benefit from some extra coziness and don’t want to splurge on a new one.

In case you want dog bed covers that are seasonal, go for naturally cooling materials in the summer (canvas, cotton, etc) and breathable options that won’t cause overheating. And for cozier winter evenings, faux sherpa, microfiber, and other fluffy, self-warming options are the best choice. They’ll keep the bed clean and free from damage while making sure your pet is feeling perfectly cozy and comfy while taking a nap.

Price tag

Needless to say, we all have a certain budget- and we have to stick to it. If the dog bed cover you have your eye on costs more than your pet’s bed, it’s safe to assume that you won’t be getting it. The prices of dog bed covers vary greatly, but most are in the range between $20 to $50, so every pawrent can find a quality match for their needs without having to break the bank.

How often should I clean the bed cover for my dog?

Dog bed covers are so practical mostly because they protect the bed from the damage, dirt, and grime – but that also means that they get all the wear and tear instead of the bed itself. Naturally, this dictates more frequent cleaning to keep everything tidy and fresh-smelling for your pet’s nap time. A good rule of thumb is to wash the bed cover at least once a week, more if need be (e.g. if your pet has a potty accident, brings mud on the bud, vomits, and so on). Most dog bed covers are machine washable, though, so frequent cleaning won’t be a hassle!

Can I make a dog bed cover by myself?

For those that are proficient at sewing, there’s very little that they can’t make at home by themselves. A dog bed cover shouldn’t be too difficult to make if you are skilled enough to trace the bed shape and adapt it to a sewing pattern to create a cover that fully suits your needs, budget, and preferences. If you are looking for a no-sew dog bed cover option, there are those, as well and they mostly involve cutting the edges of fabric into many small strips that are then tied into knots to keep the cover in place. Either way, there are plenty of options for DIY dog bed covers – if you have the time, skills, and the supplies you need, you’ll have no problem whipping up your pooch a custom made bed cover.

Can I use bed covers on heated dog beds?

There are various types of heated dog beds out there, from those that are powered by electricity to those that are made from materials that simply reflect your pet’s bodily heat back to them. This means that there is no universal answer about using bed covers on heated dog beds – in some cases it will be perfectly OK but in others, it could compromise the heating function of the bed or be downright dangerous. Before you go using a bed cover on a heated bed, check the manufacturer’s recommendations – more often than not, if you can use a bed cover safely, the company that made the bed will offer the covers, as well.

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