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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog hair bows make cute pooches look even cuter – and they are a great alternative to dressing up your pet in clothes. Take a look at some of the trendiest designs out there and pick something nice for your four-legged bestie!

We know, we know. You have the prettiest little pooch the world has ever seen, and your dapper little doggo is just the most adorable four-legged fashionista on the block. We know ‘cause we think that about our pooches as well – it’s something all of us dog parents secretly (or not so secretly) do. Naturally, as a result, pet parents also love making their pets look even cuter – with adorable dog hats, practical but trendy dog sunglasses, or complete outfits: dog hoodies, dog costumes, even ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs are fair game. For owners whose pets are not so keen on dressing up, though, the options are somewhat limited. Cute and stylish collars are always a good choice that can make your pet stand out from the crowd, as well as fashionable accessories like dog bandanas. However, if your pet has a long-haired coat (or fur that’s long enough), there’s nothing more adorable than dog hair bows. This is a classic dog accessory with good reason- it will never go out of style, it’s insanely adorable, and wearing one usually doesn’t bother dogs.

Dog hair bows are a perfect alternative for pets that don’t like being dressed. This one small accessory could replace a cute outfit if chosen with care – but the best part is you don’t have to bother your pooch with something he doesn’t like to get a few cute snaps for his Instagram page or spruce him up for a playdate at the doggie park. Dog hair bows come in a seemingly endless array of styles, with all imaginable colors, patterns, and prints being featured. And seeing how bows for dogs are usually very inexpensive, you can get a bunch of them to mix and match throughout the week. Really, is your pooch even a four-legged fashionista if you don’t coordinate his hair bows with a leash, your own outfits, or the mood of the day at least?

All jokes aside, if you’re on a lookout for a cheap but cute pet accessory that most dogs don’t seem to mind wearing, a tried and true hair bow is the thing to go for. You won’t have to go through the hassle of dressing up a reluctant pooch or break the bank in order to stylize your furry companion. The only thing that can be considered a downside to dog bows is that it can be a pain in the butt narrowing down your choices. Luckily, we’re here to make your job easier- our list of best dog hair bows includes some of the most popular offers on the market, with styles to match any pet parent’s preference. Just scroll on and pick one- or few- for your mutt to strut in!

1. Editor’s Pick: The Thoughtful Brand 50 Pcs Dog Bows with Rubber Bands

It is said that these stylish dog bows may cause an excess of high-esteem and diva behavior in your four-legged furry friend, but it’s a risk worth taking. Keep your camera close at hand when using these, as your pet will definitely be ready for some memorable photos. With 50 cute and colorful hair bows, there will be plenty to choose from and to find that ideal style for each outfit. These bows also rely on sewn-in grooming rubber bands that help them stay put at all times and also make for an easy attachment- other pet bows that feature clips will often fall out.

These bows and ribbons are also quite durable and are made from cured elastic and Oeko-Tex approved fabrics that are totally safe for your pet. Of course, this 50-piece set will offer you tons of colors and patterns, allowing for near-unlimited fashion solutions. Find the ones that perfectly suit your pet – whether it’s a dashing gentleman doggo style or a lady diva outfit, you are bound to find the perfect result. Time to start turning heads in the park!

2. Runner Up: yagopet 30pcs/15pairs Dog Hair Clips

There are tons of ways to make your pet the most charming one in the whole park, but few are as efficient as a stylish dog hair bow. These handmade hair clips feature a quirky and cute large bowknot style with colorful combinations and charming polka dot patterns. The bows are made from a careful combination of cotton and nylon materials, ensuring great durability and softness as well. There are 30 bows (15 pairs) in this mix, which means that there is surely something to be found for your doggo.

Being handmade, these bows are an ideal solution for everyone looking for eye-catching and unique style solutions for pets. And even though these ribbons feature clips, you should not worry about them falling off. They boast sturdy alligator clips that really clamp on and stay put once positioned. Your dashing pet can play and run as much as they want, and the bows will stay on.

3. Best Clips: PET SHOW Dog Hair Bows with Alligator Clips

In case your pooch doesn’t tolerate rubber bands and longevity is not an issue, alligators clips are a great alternative. Easy to put on, these dog hair bows will give your pet an added dose of adorable in seconds! The set includes 20 hair bows, each with a unique print: plaid, polka dot, stars, animal print, and even single color designs- there’s a little something for everyone. These bows measure circa 1.5 inches in length.

4. Best for Spring: Senniea 30pcs Easter Dog Hair Bows

Nothing says Easter like beautiful pastel colors, cute bunnies, and beautifully decorated eggs, and these dog hair bows managed to combine all three into a perfect seasonal festive design. Include your pooch in the holiday joy by dressing them up for the part: there will be no doubt what the theme of these styles is! The set includes 30 bows with rubber ties, approximately 1.4 inches in width.

5. Best Simple Design: Bond & Co. Multi Hair Clips 4 Pack

Sometimes, you really don’t need to buy big packs that contain dozens of bows- even if they’re cheap. In case you want something cute and simple when you want to dress up your pet for special occasions, this pack of four polka dot printed hair bow clips is just the thing. With two purple and two pink bows in the pack, you’ll be able to mix and match for different hairstyles.

6. Best Flowers: YAKA Flower Dog Hair Bows

Who said that dog hair bows have to be bow-shaped? This stunning floral design brings a twist to the classic design with beautiful fabric flowers you tie in your pet’s locks. The rubber band will grip well even on dogs with silky, flowy hair, and as the diameter of the flowers is about 1.4 inches, the size will suit all dogs well. The set includes 40 pieces (20 pairs) in vibrant colors, with a plastic pearl center for an added appeal.

7. Best Stylish: HipGirl Cute Puppy Dog Hair Bows

Sometimes, the simplest designs are those that are the most elegant. If you prefer toned-down styles over flashy and quirky prints, these solid colored hair bows will be perfect for your needs. The pinwheel bow design is eye-catching enough on its own, so why should it compete with busy prints? These bows are large enough for big breeds as well- the 3-inch size will look great on everyone from standard Poodles to Bichon Frises!

8. Best Patterns: Chenkou Craft 25pairs Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Band

If you like to put your pooch’s hair in pigtails, this set of 25 pairs of hair bows will be heaven-sent! With plenty of different styles to choose from the bunch, these cute hair accessories can be great for any occasion you need. The rubber band makes them suitable for all types of hair – and the 1.5 ⅛ size makes them a good fit for small and big dogs alike.

9. Best Holiday: Masue Pets Christmas Dog Hair Bows

These jolly-looking hair bows will put your pooch in a Christmas mood in no time! Designed in the spirit of the holiday with Christmas tree-inspired decor, these adorable hair bows are a great way to make your pet the talk of the Christmas party. The set includes 20 pieces: 10 snowflake-shaped hair clips, and 10 bows with either Santa or Christmas tree in the center.

10. Best Budget: Aria Dot Rose 48 Piece Bows for Dogs

Stunning but budget-friendly, these rose-shaped hair bows will make your pet the talk of the doggie park. The polka dot print on the “petals” makes the vibrant colors pop out even more – and there are 3 colors in each canister of 48 pieces. The roses are circa 2 inches in size and have rubber band backing for a sturdy and reliable attachment to your pet’s locks.

11. Best Elegant: PET SHOW Bowknot Dog Hair Bows with French Barrette Clips

Give a touch of elegance to your pet’s looks with these french barrette clips: the polka dot print complete with a faux pearl center is ideal for special occasions and everyday use alike. The barrette clip attachment is a great compromise between comfort and sturdiness: they are easier to put on than rubber bands but stay on longer than regular clips. The set includes 10 hair bow clips in various bright colors.

12. Best Spooky: Hixixi Dog Hair Bows Halloween Design

Get ready to get spooky! If your pet is not a big fan of wearing clothes, you don’t have to leave them out of Halloween festivities. Instead of a costume, why not bring their look together with a cute, holiday-inspired bow? Whether it’s skulls, pumpkins, or bats – these hair bows leave no room for second-guessing when it comes to their theme. And when you pair that with classic Halloween colors, you get a perfect alternative to a costume. This is a set of 12 pairs of bows with rubber band ties.

13. Best Bulk: Masue Pets 50pcs in Pairs Dog Hair Bows

With this one set, you could literally be set up for life. With 50 different designs in one pack, these rubber band hair bows are ideal for everyday use and special occasions both. There are flowers, polka dots, rhinestones, pearls- and everything else thrown in the mix to give you unparalleled variety with one purchase alone.

14. Best Bling: Didog Colorful Multi-Pattern Dog Hair Bows

This elegant and classic design will make your pooch stand out at competitions and in dog parks alike. With a gold bead and rhinestone in the center to contrast it, the solid color fabric becomes even more eye-catching than a flashy print. This set includes 50 hair bows with rubber bands.

15. Best Patriotic: Handmade Dog Hair Bows for 4th of July

Show off your pet’s patriotic spirit with cute hair accessories! This year, when you head out to BBQ with friends and family, be sure to spruce up your pup with these 4th of July inspired dog hair bows. The set of 20 rubber band bows features the USA flag and wearing one of these is certain to earn your pooch a few freebies of the grill.

Are hair bows for dogs painful to wear?

Dog hair bows are one of the rare pet fashion accessories that have been popular for decades- and that wouldn’t be true if wearing bows was painful for dogs. When you choose the right kind of hair bows and put them on properly on your pet, there’s no chance for discomfort, but it can be tricky figuring out how to do so. There are different types of hair bows and barrettes – some attach with a clip of sorts and others have an elastic or rubber band you tie your pet’s hair with.

Generally speaking, rubber bands might be the least comfortable option because the friction of the rubber and pet hair can be uncomfortable to experience, and as the rubber is grippy, you might end up pulling a few of your pet’s hair when taking it off. Elastic bands are a good alternative if your pet has very fine hair or is generally fussy and sensitive and would mind rubber against his fur.

Why Do I Need Dog Hair Bows

Clips are the go-to option for many pet parents as they are the easiest to put on, and your pet won’t feel a thing- just grab some hair and clip it and you’re done. Of course, this also means that dog bow clips are also the easiest to take off. Few paw swipes or some skillful head rubbing against the floor or furniture and your pet’s bow will be off in seconds!

So in the end, it all boils down to your preferences. If you’re gentle with your pet’s hair when putting the hair bow on and taking it off, they won’t feel any discomfort. In fact, wearing hair bows might make things more comfortable for your pet- as the barrette or hair tie will keep the long strands of hair out of his face and eyes.

What to look for in dog hair bows

When it comes to choosing pet accessories, dog hair bows are one of those that require the least forethought. It is just a cute decoration for your pet’s fur, after all! However, the sheer volume of available options might make your choice overwhelming. That’s why narrowing down your choices can be a difficult process if you don’t already know what you’re looking for. Here are some pointers to make your search for the perfect dog hair bow much shorter and more successful:


It’s not just toy dogs that pull off the hair bow look! Hair bows look great on males and females, petite pooches and large doggos alike. That’s why they are available in a range of sizes, from those that will fit breeds such as Yorkies and Shih Tzus to bigger ones that are suited for a Bearded Collie or an Afghan Hound. To be sure, check the dimensions before buying!


Here’s where you get to go wild! Choose cute but simple designs that come in all imaginable colors, or go for patterns: polka dots, stripes, plaid, the world is your oyster. You can even find fun prints or go for “jazzed up” designs that include rhinestones, sewn-in pearls, sequins, lace… There’s literally anything you can imagine! And the best part is that you don’t have to settle for one style- dog hair bows are inexpensive and you can easily get dozens in every design you set your heart on.


Is the hair bow just an everyday accessory for your pet or do you want them to wear them for a special occasion? There are different seasonal designs that will make your pooch stand out and look more than ready for festivities: Christmas and New Year styles, patriotic Fourth of July prints and colors, St. Patty’s day emerald green hair bows… There are plenty of choices for each big holiday, so you can make your pooch the star of every family gathering (like you even have to try!).

Types of attachment

As we’ve already mentioned, you can attach a bow to your dog’s hair with a clip or tie it with an elastic or rubber. The choice is yours, but make sure to factor in the pros and cons of each: clips are easier to use but fall of easily as well, whereas bow hair ties can be tightened to stay firmly in place, but it can also be uncomfortable for the dog if you’re rough when you’re tying the bow. There is also the option of using dog hair bows that are glued on your pet’s fur, but those are usually reserved for visits to a professional dog grooming salon.

With these factors in mind, it should be much easier to find the perfect accessory for your cute little furry trendsetter. Whether it’s just stunning all the furballs on the way to the dog park or making sure judges at the competition notice your pooch first, a pretty bow on your pet’s head is a perfect choice. And, besides, it’s the least effort- with the most cuteness!

How do I put hair bows on my dog?

While your tiny doggo might look like a perfect little lady or a dapper dandy gentleman, that doesn’t mean they have the manners of one. If they are not used to wearing accessories, it will take some getting used to and bribes (get those treats ready) so don’t try to force them to wear a bow if they are not comfortable from the start. Putting a hair bow on a dog will differ depending on the type of closure- clip on hair bows might be easier to put on skittish dogs than those attached to a rubber band.

How long can I leave the bows on my dog’s hair?

Presuming that the bow doesn’t fall out or gets taken out by your pet’s scratching or rolling around, you can leave it on for as long as they don’t cause any discomfort to your pet. Be mindful of the tightness of the band (if used) and make sure that there are no mats and tangles due to the hair bow. Ideally, you would take out the bows each day, to “freshen up” your pet’s hairstyle and let their hair rest from the accessories over the night.

Are hair bows harmful to my dog?

Provided that they are used as intended, hair bows won’t bother or harm your pet. However, you should be aware that dogs can ingest small bows and that could cause a world of trouble. Another thing to pay attention to is that you don’t pull your pet’s hair when attaching the bow, and not to tie it extremely tight (if it’s on a band) to prevent discomfort.

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