DIY Pinata Dog Halloween Costume

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What You’ll Need

Felt fabric in bright colors

Baby Onesie

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

2 party hats

Narrow ribbons



2 pom poms


  1. Take a rough measure the back area of the onesie to determine the length of strips you need. Cut several 1-inch-wide strips of each of the felt colors. Create the fringed effect by making small, evenly spaced cuts along each strip with scissors.
  2. Starting along the neckline, add a thin line of hot glue then cover with a fringed felt strip. Follow up by gently lift up the strip, adding another line of glue, then attach a second and third strip (and so on).
  3. Continue attaching felt strips, alternating colors until the entire back of the onesie is covered. Cut off any extra felt around the onsie’s side seams and neckline. Add coordinating felt strips to the arms of the onesie.
  4. Take the two party hats and cut according to your dog’s size. Using felt strips, glue onto party hats. Alternate felt colors until hat is fully covered. Repeat on the second hat.
  5. Top off the hats by gluing ribbons and pom poms on the very top of the hat.