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Dog sunglasses. Yes, it might sound funny or silly, but don’t be too quick to judge. Sunglasses on a dog are not an everyday sight, sure, but that does not mean they are not important for your pupper’s wellbeing. A lot of you might consider sunglasses only a stylish accessory, and while that is correct, they can also be very important for safety and health. In a sense, the same rules that apply to you – also go for your four-legged companion. We are sure that you don’t always enjoy the full glare of that hot summer’s sun in your eyes – so why should your pooch feel any different? And not only that this can be unpleasant and distracting, but it can also be damaging in the long run. So don’t hesitate to offer some basic protection for your dog’s eyes. Dog sunglasses will preserve your pet’s eyesight and give them a clearer vision in the dog days of summer. When you are out playing in the park, the sun’s glare might be too distracting and impair the vision of your pet. You surely saw them squinting hard quite often. This distraction can not only ruin the playtime but also lower awareness and reaction time. And that ruins the fun for everyone involved!

Dog sunglasses are also good in other situations where eye protection is important. With a lot of modern gadgets and safety measures, our furry friends can nowadays safely travel with their owners on motorcycles, bicycles, and in cars and convertibles. It is a fun and safe way to travel with a pet, but not before safety measures are taken. And in these circumstances, dog sunglasses are an important accessory. They protect the eyes and the face from the high-speed wind, and all the pesky little mites and flies. Biker dogs are one of a kind today, and they are proper superstars too – but they never ride beside their owners without a pair of proper sunglasses.

Still, dog sunglasses are somewhat of a novelty for pet parents and pets alike: it’s not often that you see a pooch sporting a pair of specs. That’s why we’ve put together this short buying guide- you’ll get to learn when and why dog sunglasses should be worn, as well as all about what makes these accessories worth the investment. Read on to learn which dog sunglasses are the best choice for your pet – and make him the coolest doggo in the park this summer!

These QUMY glasses are perfect for all medium and large dogs, and they boast some super efficient features. These goggles feature a perfectly designed layout which includes shatterproof UV resistant glass with anti-fog lenses. A wide sealing frame is connected with an articulated joint that makes these goggles fit perfectly onto the eye – no vision occlusion happens with these. The strap is made from a durable elastic band which is also adjustable, so you can make these fit perfectly for your pet. The inside of the glasses has foam edges for a snug and comfortable fit. And best of all, these affordable dog sunglasses come in a variety of colors.

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Kailian Windproof Goggles for dogs are fashion goggles that are both a fantastically stylish accessory and a very efficient pair of dog sunglasses. These tight-fitting glasses are the perfect protection against UV and UVB light and the seal won’t allow any dirt and debris to get in, especially if your pup loves to hang their head out the window on car trips or they ride with you on your motorcycle, scooter, or on a boat. The inside features thick and fluffy foam seal that won’t chafe your pet. The elastic bands allow for some flexibility and of course adjustment on both the head and the chin. The two eyepieces are connected with a linked point and allow a perfect ergonomic fit. The Kailian Windproof Goggles for Dogs are great glasses for all the biker pets, and they come in three color options: Black, yellow, and pink.

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Doggles Originalz are the perfect protective eyewear for your dog as they are made with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. The first thing to notice is the durable, single piece frame, without any articulated connection. It is backed with thick foam that prevents chafing, and fitted with high-grade adjustable bands. These goggles feature interchangeable lenses – allowing you to easily swap out lenses to your liking. They are 100% UV resistant and shatterproof, and they also come in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL! The lenses are polycarbonate and boast a great life span and durability, making these goggles best at UV protection.

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Top Gun vibes, anyone? Designed for small and medium dog breeds, these super stylish sunglasses are a true fashion classic. Simple to use and a good universal fit, they rely on a durable retainer strap to remain securely placed on your dog’s head. In fact, if your pooch happens to try to take them off – they won’t succeed! The frame is also made from thicker, durable plastic, so it won’t be damaged so easily by expected wear and tear.

Of course, being the doggy-sized version of the classic aviators, these sunglasses sport a dashing shape and elegant black color of lenses. But most importantly, even though they make a fashionable accessory, they are very functional as well: the dark lenses will help keep the sunlight at bay! And this can be quite important to preserve your pet’s eyesight. Just keep in mind that these glasses won’t fit flat-nosed or wide-faced dog breeds such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pit-bulls, Bull Terriers, Shar-Pei, Chow Chows, and others.

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Who said that there are no dog sunglasses perfect for tiny pups? These Cocopet goggles are perfect for all the tiny breeds, and are the cutest option on the market! Although tiny, these glasses have all the important features that vouch for their efficiency – from shatterproof lenses to UV400 protection and anti-fog lenses. The fitting is done with fully adjustable elastic bands. You can choose from six different colors, to perfectly find the fanciest fashion style for your little buddy. COCOPET goggles are amongst the most affordable out there. And as our littlest furry friends are most gentle and vulnerable to the sun and the dirt, we can safely say that these goggles are a much-needed addition to the market!

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Another great model from the Dogless brand that features some of their iconic design solutions. These one-piece protective goggles are made with perfectly anatomical features that allow for a perfect fit while retaining good flexibility. One of their trademark features is the interchanging lens system, that allows you to easily replace lenses or insert a different color. These goggles are 100% UVA and UVB resistant and are fully shatterproof and anti-fog. The polycarbonate lenses boast great longevity and durability. They are available in several colors and sizes, which will allow you to find a perfect fit. Affordable and reliable – a great choice!

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Namsan sunglasses are one of the finer designs on the market – a stylish, durable, and reliable pair of goggles that is perfect for small and medium pets. Made from durable high-grade PE, these goggles feature durable anti-fog and UV resistant lenses that offer perfect windbreak and protection against elements. Easy to fit and adjust, they boast one of the simplest, yet one of the most reliable designs on the market. And sometimes, simple is the best, isn’t it? Of course, it doesn’t mean there are no options to pick from: you can choose from various colors of lenses and frames alike.

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Another design that closely resembles ski masks, the HelloPet goggles are major protection for your pet’s face. Whether it is motorcycle riding, car riding, outdoors fun, or winter vacations – with these extra-wide goggles your pet will be secure. Polycarbonate construction ensures max UV protection and windbreak as well. It features double air circulation holes that prevent fogging and moisture build-up – and they also have sponge borders for extra comfort. And what’s best, is the fact that even with all the durability they remain flexible and lightweight. A great choice for larger dogs.

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Vintage models never go out of style – especially if they are reliable and very functional. And that is exactly what these Doggles Sidecar goggles are – a perfected tried-and-true design executed in a lovely vintage style. These lenses are 100% UV resistant and feature an anti-fog system. The two lenses are separated and only connected with a fully articulate fitting in the middle. They also feature vintage soft leather inside to offer comfort to your pet. You can choose from two colors – black, or vintage brown leather, both of which look especially stylish and cool. These goggles are perfect for all you bikers out there. With these, your pet can ride in style – the vintage way!

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One of the more unique goggles on the market, these PETLESO sunglasses are not only stylish but also highly effective as well. Extra large lenses with highly durable PE frames that are articulated in the center allow for ample protection without hindering your pet’s movements. They can also be fully adjusted with elastic bands. Note that these sunglasses are designed for medium and large breeds. One neat feature of this design is the chin strap! Add extra security with a sturdy chin strap – no risk of falling off.

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There are plenty of situations where dog sunglasses will prove to be more than worth it! Sometimes we are not truly aware of just how sensitive our pets can be- especially when exposed to strong and direct sunlight. In the hot summer months when the sunlight is quite merciless, playtime and spending time outside can be a challenge. Dogs, in general, are more sensitive to the brightness than humans, and will often resort to squinting or seeking shade during the day. But with these nifty accessories, your pet doesn’t have to avoid the loveliest part of the day anymore. 

Dog sunglasses protect the eyes from the brightness with more lasting effects, too. Without them, our pets can suffer from the sudden change of lighting – going from the brightness of the day into the darkness of the house can be demanding on the eyes and a real strain. And as the years pass, this can become a problem related to eyesight. 

Another thing that the bright sun messes with is the focus. Some dogs will never allow sunlight to hamper their precious playtime – but their enthusiasm and their focus will be miles off. Having bright light blasted in their face is not just unpleasant but it makes matters more difficult if you’re playing fetch or letting your pooch explore around. Dog sunglasses help them to avoid these issues as it reduces the brightness and greatly improves vision.

Last but not least, sunglasses have another protective measure – and that is shielding. Sturdy glasses will prove to be a highly effective shield to stop all sorts of debris, dust, and dirt from falling into your pet’s eyes. In sandy, desert areas, and in tall grass, eyes are particularly vulnerable, especially for small and short dogs. Sunglasses retain vision and protect that most vulnerable part of the body. 

And on top of all that – sunglasses are always fashionable. Up your styling game with a pair of cool, sleek, and stylish colored sunglasses, and turn your four-legged friend into a proper pupper fashionista!

Dog sunglasses need to boast a few important features in order to provide the best possible protection from both the sun rays and the dirt. Of course, the very first detail to consider is your pet – you need to consider his size and breed. Fixed size glasses might not do the trick, so always look for adjustable options. Furthermore, durability is also very important. And of course, if you are looking to spice up your pet’s style – look for those quirky and sleek designs. So let’s go over all of it in detail:

  • Durability

You need to be sure that a good pair of sunglasses will last you for a while, and be able to withstand all the trials and tribulations of being on a dog’s head – especially if that dog is naughty and energetic. And once those glasses are one, you bet that there will be attempts at pawing them off, scratching them, or bumping them into everything. And that is why a tough, robust, and durable design is very important. This especially relates to the glasses themselves, rather than the frame – they need to be resistant to all marks, scratches, and cracks – at least to a degree.

  • Style

The first thing to notice when buying new sunglasses is a great amount of variety and different designs. Styles vary, and you might want to play around and create a fun and cute look for your pooch while you’re looking to protect his eyes at the same time. Some sunglasses look straight-up goofy, but some are sleek and modern. Moreover, to make your choice easier, brands offer a great choice of different color frames and lenses. Go for classic black lenses, a colored frame, or a goggle type design. The choices are many!

  • Size and adjustability

As we mentioned, size and adjustability are perhaps the two most important aspects. You always need to make sure that the sunglasses will fit your pet. They can’t be tight so adjustability is a big part. Also, if you are buying the glasses for your puppy, keep in mind that he might outgrow them! Luckily, most modern brands offer fully adjustable straps that allow you to carefully regulate the tension and ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. Smaller dogs will need special attention, as sometimes it can be quite a challenge to find the proper size for them.

  • Special features

And last – but surely not the least – you might want to consider the special features. Many brands offer unique features that cater to a specific activity or special needs. You might want anti-fog lenses or airtight rubber seal on the frame – these both work well for dogs that enjoy swimming. Maybe you want to step your styling up a notch and you go for shaped frames? You have several choices and you can truly adapt to your needs and wants.

Either way, you can see that dog sunglasses are not that odd when you get to understand their features and benefits. They might look silly, but they are a very important accessory for your pet – one that can prove to be beneficial in long terms! Look to your pet’s future and save the quality of their sight, by shielding the sensitive eyes from the bright sun. 

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