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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog sofas and chairs are a stylish alternative to plain dog beds–with just as much coziness and comfort to offer. Take a look at our selection to find a perfect match for your home’s interior!

Everyone needs to relax from time to time – our four-legged besties included. And what better way for a dog to snooze and relax than on a comfy dog sofa or chair? That’s right–dog sofas and chairs are a great alternative to hard floors or your own furniture that you can offer to your pet. Dog sofas and chairs give your pet a place to rest and thus save your couch from the dirt and the hairs. It also acts as a therapeutic rest in some cases – memory foam and ergonomic models will be a great option to alleviate your pet’s issues or prevent them from happening. Same goes for senior pets – a specially designed dog sofa can work great against arthritis and aching joints.

One more aspect of these nifty accessories that is worth mentioning is style. Yup – if you are going after a certain design for your home, you can always search for that appropriate sofa or a chair that will fit with all the other furniture in your house, and in many cases even complement it. Brands often go to great lengths to skillfully combine unique, fashionable designs, and efficiency – without sacrificing any beneficial aspect of the accessory. It will be so insanely cute to see a scaled-down version of pet furniture in your home!

Jazz up your home and bring a new level of comfort into your pet’s life with a single product- improve your pet’s daily routine with a new comfy nap spot, and make many things easier for yourself as the owner. You would be surprised to see how much simpler things could be with a new dog sofa – especially when it comes to cleaning. No more dirty paw prints, dust, and hairs accumulating on your sitting area and your couch! When your pupper gets a place of their own, these issues will be a thing of the past.

Dog sofas and chairs often vary in style and design, but the purpose remains the same. Higher, lower, softer, or orthopedic, the choices are many, and as always, we will be here to help you with the choice. Join us as we explore all the important features of these accessories, and layout the important pros and cons you need to keep in mind – while also giving you our very own selection of the very best dog sofas and chairs on the market! Let’s go!

Great Deal Furniture Ophelia Mid Century Modern Pet Bed

The last thing you want when you have mid-century inspired interior decor is a brightly colored, fuzzy pet bed. Sure, it’s cute and all, but it would completely ruin the look of your apartment- one that you’ve tried so hard to achieve! Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean that you have to compromise on your pet’s comfort in favor of style, as Great Deal Furniture Ophelia Mid Century Modern Pet Bed is an elegant and timeless take on the classic pet bed. With acacia wood frame and hairpin leg accents, this chic and classic pet sofa will fit in seamlessly with your mid-century modern theme. The dark grey cushion inside the bed is thick, cozy, and water-resistant, so you can count on cleanup being easy, too. Measuring 17.75” x 29.5” x 11”, this pet sofa is suited to small and medium-size dogs.

Enchanted Home Pet Scout Sofa

Luxury has a new name – and that is Enchanted Home! Give your pet a chance to feel like a proper pupper prince while he lounges on this sofa. A modern, luxury, high-end design will certainly fit in any home. It is also one of the best made beds on the market, featuring all faux leather outer upholstery, and a comfy inner bed made from soft plush material. Added are four chunky legs to raise up the sofa just a tad bit, but still enough to avoid the draft. The bed measures 32.5 x 17.25 x 12.5 inches and fits pets up to 30 lbs and is surely one of the finest choices on our list.

Club Nine Pets Traditional Chair

Featuring a traditional but charming design, this comfy chair provides your pupper with their very own lounge space – without losing on any style points. Its inner filling is made from high-grade virgin polyester fiber, and it features a dacron outer cover. Added legs will raise the chair about 2 inches from the floor. The cushions can also be easily removed for easy and quick cleaning. A great and stylish choice, this pet sofa comes in two sizes: small 27.5 x 19 x 16 inches) and medium (36 x 22 x 16 inches).

Paws & Purrs Pet Bed with Storage Drawer

Talk about a stylish and efficient way for your pet to lounge! This is a great option for small and medium dogs and is an extra-wide, low back lounge chair. It features removable cushions and covers for easy cleaning, and four legs for a bit more height. Interestingly, this pet sofa comes with several distinct options to choose from, including a tubular or square design, and a large storage drawer as well. With such a choice you can really adapt to your and your pet’s needs.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Lounger

Our list can’t be complete without some basic and budget-friendly designs, and this simple but functional bed is just that. Furhaven dog lounger bed is filled with orthopedic support foam, while the added bolster sides are filled with recycled fluffy fabric for superior comfort. The sofa is covered with classy and soft silken suede. It is very soft and easy on the joints and offers absolutely fantastic comfort. It is also great for senior dogs, as there is no height for them to jump on. This lounger bed also comes in several different sizes from small to jumbo, and a lot of unique colors and patterns as well.

Enchanted Home Pet Rosie Gray Sofa

Enchanted Home offers yet another stylish solution that is guaranteed to bring a focal point of interest to your home, but also a new snooze place for your pup. Right off the bat, you can see this very modern and fashionable circular design is definitely going to impress everyone – your pooch included. Not only that this bed is as stylish as they come, but it also boasts a unique Sleep Comfort Contour design that carefully adapts to your dog’s natural sleeping position. So if your pet loves to curl up when sleeping, this is the perfect choice for them! The size of the cushion is 22″ x 22″ so this rounded pet sofa is a match for small breed dogs.

VILLACERA Chesterfield Faux Leather Large Dog Bed

If you really want to go all out and properly emphasize your pet’s princely status, this high-end Villacera Chesterfield sofa is as luxurious as they come. Made from high-quality materials, it features a faux leather outside, with a soft foam cushion. Birchwood legs keep the sofa slightly off the ground to avoid the draft, while the circular design doubles as an ergonomic solution. The best thing about this luxury sofa is the fact that you won’t have to break the bank in order to afford it. Let your pupper snooze like a king without going over your budget! The dimensions of the bed are 33.5″ x 30.25″ x 16″ so it will fit small to medium dogs.

ToV Furniture Handmade Button Tufted Pet Bed

For some pawrents, luxury is a non-negotiable design feature, and ToV furniture gladly delivers. This handmade pet sofa has a skillfully crafted wooden frame with a washable, waterproof velvet cover in a stunning navy or smoky grey color. The button-tufted style goes great with classic and modern interiors alike and will make sure your pooch has a nap spot worthy of a royal. The size of this bed makes it suitable for small and medium dog breeds- its dimensions are 34.6” x 21.3” x 19.3”.

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Pet Bed

The combination of a strong wood frame and high-end leatherette fabric gives this dog sofa an air of elegance – and ensures it will fit with the rest of your carefully designed interior. Your pet’s comfort is not compromised on, either, as the cushion is filled with reclaimed shredded memory foam encased in a soft minky plush cover. The available options are chocolate brown and charcoal black. Measuring 23″ x 17″ x 12″, this medium size bed will support dogs up to 25 lbs.

Advantages of dog sofas and chairs

Pets will absolutely love to have a little place of their own where they can snooze and relax in whatever way they want. To have a small safe haven, a nook that is cozy, comfy, and just for them – will be important for every dog. It helps reduce anxiety, stress, and bad moods. And of course, all these things make life easier for you as an owner. It is also important to offer your pet a place for rest, especially after active periods like playing in the park or long walks. A big part of a healthy lifestyle that needs to be combined with ample exercise – is rest. Muscles need to rest and repair, and that sleep also benefits the normal working of the organism. And what better place for a dog to rest than in a comfy corner of their own?

Another huge benefit of a dog sofa or a chair is ergonomics. Many brands offer unique designs that are designed in a way that always offers optimal support for your pet’s back and joints. Furthermore, these designs feature special materials and fillings, such as memory foam that make them suited for pets that already have issues such as arthritis or joint pain due to old age. This makes dog sofas and chairs a fantastic choice and perhaps even a necessity – if you have a senior furry friend who needs just a bit of extra care.

And let us not forget one additional benefit that is really important – reduced stress. A lot of us dog owners, of course, have to work and leave the house, and most times, we simply cannot bring our furry friends along. We all know the issues this brings, especially if we are living by ourselves. In such cases, our pets truly depend on us and our attention. This causes that much dreaded nasty separation anxiety, which causes our dogs unnecessary stress, hurt, and leads to the development of nasty and destructive habits. But if we go to lengths to produce a cozy, personalized, and comfortable nook for our pet, one that signifies security and home, we can greatly reduce the separation anxiety and greatly ease our own life and that of our pet. And a lovely little dog sofa can do exactly this! Of course, not in such measure as a properly furnished dog crate, but still significantly so. Just set it up in a cozy place and you can bet that your dog will instantly love it! And when you are not around, this can be a world of difference – a tiny pupper refuge, a safe space, a cozy corner. Of course, all this keeps your home and your furniture safe from dirt and destruction and saves you a lot of work in return.

Features to consider in dog sofas and chairs

Of course, as with all things dog-related, we need to pay special attention to various features before buying- and not just go for the first thing that catches our eye and fits our budget. In that way, we ensure that our pet’s accessories will have a long service life, and more importantly benefit our pet in all important ways. We can’t neglect these key details, otherwise, we can completely miss the point of the accessory we are buying. And of course, with all the variety that fills the market today, it can be challenging to make the proper choice. But rest easy – as always we bring you the crucial insights into the most important aspects to take into account.


Durability goes without saying. Whatever accessory we choose, we need to ensure that it can withstand all that our pupper throws at it. And a dog sofa or a chair really needs to be tough. Some dogs with a mischievous spirit might choose to test this durability by biting, nibbling, or clawing their new furniture, and in such cases, strong materials really pay off. So pay attention to the fabrics and the important design elements. High-quality nylon and Oxford fabrics are among the toughest, and also easy to maintain.


Does size matter? In the case of dog accessories, it surely does. Pay attention to the size you’re getting. You could always use some extra room on your dog sofa or a chair, so don’t settle for an exact fit. Small breeds and large breeds alike won’t enjoy being confined, so don’t hesitate to go for something a bit wider or more luxurious. You would want a bit more room to work, or perhaps make the sofa a bit more cozier. But then again, anything too tall might be an issue for small breeds or senior dogs, so buy accordingly. Height is as important as is the overall size.


Wanting to match your newest accessory with the rest of your house is only sensible. We want to find the perfect choice to fit our overall design, and luckily, we can do that. Many brands offer stylish, unique solutions that often double as fashionable furniture pieces. That way you don’t have to worry that a dog sofa will completely stand out from the rest of your apartment. Simple colors, fashionable patterns, or luxury details can all easily fit in most environments and further complement your home.


Last but not least, the important aspect for dog sofas and chairs, is of course comfort. Don’t settle for cheap solutions or cheap designs. Comfort is a big deal and can greatly benefit your dog in the long term. It might be hard to find the perfect balance between soft and hard, but it can be done. Also, memory foam solutions are also a popular choice, and not without reason. These orthopedic sofas are the peak of comfort and will relieve the crucial pressure on the back and joints. And for senior dogs, this can be a game-changer.

The importance of these nifty accessories is clear. Not only are they a great benefit for your dog, both pup and senior, but they will also jazz up the home while blending right in with your interior. Save your couch and your other furniture from dirt and hairs, with these nifty accessories- and ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

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